Clean windows are overrated anyway.

Mariela had her last day of her first year in preschool today. She has grown more than I realized as I reflect on the photo book her teachers made for us as a gift. The book has pictures of her from day one through last week and artwork that she created each month of school.

Mariela is fiercely strong and independent, she is kind, she loves people, she is a great friend, very affectionate, compassionate, and enjoys making others laugh. She is talking in sentences and we’re loving her toddler voice. She’s very theatrical and can make the greatest expressions! She learned a song in Spanish, she knows her colors, she can count to 10, and she knows half of her alphabet. .

When Alex suggested that we put her in preschool I was hesitant. I thought she was too young and I wanted to keep her home. He thought the two days would give me time to work and prepare for Auden. She’s also an extreme extrovert so the people time was definitely a bonus. Little did I expect that she would thrive and grow to become such a beautiful little lady through her time at preschool. Not just externally (& hair length) but she has such a wonderful heart and she is crazy witty for a wee thing. 😜
Now, we begin our first “real” summer. First stop: popsicles, pool, and painting! .

We are so excited to announce that our little family will be growing this year! We’ll be expecting Baby Adams #2 come November 🤰💕 Carter’s going to be a big brother!

dress over jeans 👖 ✨

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We've got some serious nursery FOMO today. Isn't this just divine?!

First year of T-ball and smile that look as if he is being tortured are in full swing ⚾️ #mromd

I’m so biased but the are the freaking cutest!!!

currently sipping a marg & missing my little buddy 💕 (James is spending the weekend with all of his grandparents in the suburbs which is his equivalent to a 5 star vacation) | http://liketk.it/2vSlQ | @liketoknow.it #liketkit #LTKfamily

Slowly but surely building the perfect cozy home while we await for our second babe #boymom

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Happy bday to my lil bestie 🌸🎉

Who else eats watermelon from the bottom? Nobody? Ok just checking 🍉😂

Blowing it or trying to eat it 🌼 #misseviejames

I hope you had a good day? 🤗 Der Tag neigt sich dem Ende und die Welt geht schlafen. Ich nun auch bald. Morgen ist ein großer Tag, weil meine Nichte geboren wurde und wir sie zum ersten Mal besuchen fahren in Paris. Und als wüßte der #Himmel es, färbt er sich heute besonders schön und bietet uns einen atemberaubenden #Sonnenuntergang. Es scheint so als stünde er in Flammen. So wie wir: voller #Feuer und Flamme, was uns da morgen erwartet! Ich wünsche Euch allen eine gute Nacht!

#sunset_pics #liebesonnenuntergänge #lovesunsets #sunsetlover

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