Shoutout to Dr. Willie Parker, an abortion doctor who travels to states where it’s too dangerous for abortion doctors to live, in order to provide abortions to patients desperately in need. He is one of few abortion doctors in the south that does not wear a bulletproof vest when he goes to work, or any disguises to protect himself from anti choice folks. #abortionislove

Quote from Katha Pollit. If you haven’t read her book Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, you should go get it RIGHT NOW. It completely reframes the abortion “debate” and empowers women. #abortionislove

We all know that having choices in life is SO IMPORTANT, especially when it comes to having kids. Can you imagine someone forcing you to have a child against your will? That would be crazy! It’s your choice! Let’s keep up the good fight and continue supporting folks who fight for a woman’s right to choose. 💕 #abortionislove

One of the things about pregnancy is that a pregnant person has the ability to consent to letting a fetus use the woman’s body to sustain the other. A woman can withdraw that consent at any time, for any reason. And that’s why birth is gift! #abortionislove

The decision to have an abortion can absolutely be a form of radical self love, and knowing that you need to put yourself first, no matter what others say. ❤️ #abortionislove

Quote from Margaret Sanger. This woman was AMAZING. She began Planned Parenthood at a time when abortion and birth control were both illegal in the United States, but she knew that her work was too important to let absurd laws get in the way. #abortionislove

For so many women, abortion is way to be FREE and reclaim power. We deserve to be free. We deserve to have our freedom respected. #abortionislove

Can you imagine if the 1 in 4 women in America who’ve had abortions walked out of work one day to protest the draconian direction of the government in oppressing women’s rights?! It would be incredible. And powerful. Close your eyes and imagine standing with them. Imagine their energy. Imagine the rush of collective power. The whole world would have to stop and listen to women who know what’s best for their bodies. #abortionislove

SO excited to begin this journey to destigmatize abortion, empower women who’ve had abortions, and welcome pro choice allies to bodily declare that #abortionislove

has tennessee heard of separation of church and state?

Imagine being a shitty actor and the only decent movie you have been in was “divergent” so you have to resort to being racist to become relevant again~alex⌚️ credit: @antieverythinggirl ————————————-
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