Ugh, unboxing took me forver.. mostly because I kept procrastinating but, hey at least I got it done. I'm laying in bed just daydreaming about how amazing this I going to be, living here with Jess, a baby on the way, and our wedding too, hopefully. I still get nagged by my mom about having a baby out of wedlock and whatnot but as a man I'm gonna be there for my family, married or not. "Hey love, ready for bed? Sorry I took too long in the shower. The heat and pressure was just too good" Jess smiles as she pulls her hair back into a ponytail. I hold my hand out to signal for her to come over "yeah I'm ready. Come here for a sec though". Grabbing her hand I pull her on top of me. We both laugh at how awkwardly it went, I guess I'm a little rusty. Jess wraps her arms around my neck and overwhelms me with kisses "hey hey, save some for tomorrow!" I joke. We sit there for a long time not thinking about anything but that moment. Jess then leans forward to my ear and whispers "Who says we have to go straight to bed? ;)". Say no more! Lets just say we slept so good after 2 hours later. ..Who would've thought things were gonna get worse..

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