On Friday we are gonna kick cancer’s ass and it better not come back 👊🏼✊🏼 I truly hate hate hate this process. I get anxiety every time I have to walk out those doors without my dog. All I can think is what if something happens and I can’t get there quick enough 😩. Hate hate hate it but I love my peanut so I’ll do what I did both other times just grow grey hair and check my phone every 2 minutes 😂 ♥️ #cancersucks #idontlikethis #shedoesntcare #gonnamissherbellybubbletho #imsuchalittlebitch #shegivesmestrength #lordbewithme

Me always...#imsuchalittlebitch

It's Friday.
I'm tired.
I need a nap.
I don't want to adult.
I'm getting sick... again
I'm moody.
Totally getting my period too
I just want snuggles.
#fridayvibes #imsuchalittlebitch #callthewambulance #naptime #tattoo #girlswithtattoos

Just tore up my knee because my kitten is not allowed to leave my room not only because he’s sick and we don’t want it to transfer to our other pets but also because we haven’t introduced him to the dogs yet and my dogs might snap at him or vice versa and my brother was just standing with my door wide open watching him run towards it and I told him to close it like 5 times and my kitten was right at the doorway and goin fast so I had to dive onto the floor and grab him so that’s cool I can’t feel my knee 👌 #itburns #helpme #imsuchalittlebitch #itainteventhatbad

30 some ft of rusted ladder that moves in the wind...not sketchy at all 😬
#imsuchalittlebitch #scaredofheights #myinstagramisalie #hawaii #hawaiiunchained #gopro #knekt #goprooftheday #aggressivefloating #🤙🏽#ALO)(A

Here's a crappy upside down video of the awesome start @jakubnadrowskitattoos got done on my leg today. Thanks Jakey! #imsuchalittlebitch #imtheworst #youwontwanttotattoome #beautyandthebeast #disneytattoos #disneyink

Between work and school I miss out on my time with my baby and it sucks! I get home and he's sleeping and I cry like a little bitch cuz I didn't see him all day😭😂😂. But when I have him, I make the best out of my time with him. 👶🏻💕
#ImSuchALittleBitch #lol #ButHeIsMyBaby

6 months finally got the courage to get stabbed for another 2 hours #ink #japtat #imsuchalittlebitch

Full offense but I would honestly die for Philip Shea and Lukas Waldenbeck like??? When Philip asked Lukas if his stomach hurt because he was in love with him I about lost it and Lukas didn't get mad about it and was playfully denying it I'm???? 😩 And then Lukas giving rides to Philip on his motorbike and taking him to school and OFFERING TO ACTUALLY DRIVE UP TO THE SCHOOL WITH HIM BECAUSE HES FINALLY BECOMING COMFORTABLE WITH ACCEPTING HIS SEXUALITY BUT PHILIP TOLD HIM HE DIDNT HAVE TO BECAUSE HE DOESNT WANT TO PRESSURE LUKAS IM GONE 😩 And then Lukas taking Philip to the pond and stripping down to his underwear (he was fucking beautiful I cried) and wanted to go swimming but Philip can't swim so Lukas just sat next to him on the ground they're so cute I can't handle it AND the whole barn scene oh lord honey 🙏 Philip making them a playlist and taking a picture of Lukas with the Polaroid camera and then Lukas wrapping his arm around Philip and kissing his jawline and Philip cuddling into him and Lukas had them eyes like you know he's so fucking in love with Philip and he finally broke up with rose because "I don't want a girlfriend" I cried again because he wants a boyfriend he wants Philip he is accepting that he's gay and I AM HERE FOR IT BITCH 👏👏👏 But Ryan if you touch a single hair on Lukas or Philip for that matter I swear to god you will CATCH THESE HANDS YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE #eyewitness #philipshea #lukaswaldenbeck #philkas #imsuchamess #theyaremylife #ineed10moviesofjustthem #ilovethisshow #ialmostcriedinclass #imsuchalittlebitch

About that time again 💉
@charliejerasmus doing his thing 👌
#tattoo #coverup #inkup #eina #imsuchalittlebitch #butiloveit

I swear every time I'm home by myself scary shit happens 😭😂! #neardeathexperience #imsuchalittlebitch #imsodramtic

[Part 1] This is how @bartkwan and @davidsocomedy will react if they see War Machine. What will you do? Because for sure I'm gonna bail dafug out of his sight. [MMA Fighter wanted for beating his ex-porn star girlfriend - @justkiddingnews]
#jknews #warmachine #ImSuchALittleBitch

[Part 2] This is how @bartkwan and @davidsocomedy will react if they see War Machine. What will you do? Because for sure I'm gonna bail dafug out of his sight. [MMA Fighter wanted for beating his ex-porn star girlfriend - @justkiddingnews]
#jknews #warmachine #ImSuchALittleBitch

Nigga lookin like sloth from the goonies with a monocle and mustache lol.. Fuck the gym on Fridays.. Making my Friday night a Monday night n shit... But ima do it anyways.. #imsuchalittlebitch #downsyndrome #slothfromthegoonies #iwishiwastheasiankid

I'm crying because I just watched The Bachelorette & Max is crying because I made him watch The Bachelorette 🌹 #imsuchalittlebitch

Oh, well, fuck me right? #fuckinghugespider #imsuchalittlebitch

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