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Omg baby i cant believe today marks the half a year that we have been together ik we have been through our up and downs but we always will be together #vans #are #life #imsoodumb 😂😂

I haven't checked our bank account in a while..Yesterday i looked in my wallet and saw this money that my husband put in there and thought oh cool we have money to save, a couple of minutes ago i took it out to put it away open it up and see its fake😤 i sent an angry text to my husband and he replied and said "Babe theirs no such thing as a $1000 bill"😂😶

.13 cents each with coupon at cvs! Good deal but my dumb ass forgot to use this coupon when I bought 3. So paid around $2 for all 3 when I could've got it for .49 cents for 3. My gah im soo dumb lol but on the bright side I still have these coupons lol

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