☃🎄Anyone feel up for a bit of singing? 🎄☃ Also 5 days left to the best day of the year!!: ☺🙃☺ #lucia #bästatärnan #lussekatter #imsooadorable

What? ~Jingle~

Mr Bear? Mr Bear? Why you fall over??? ~Jingle~

What did you say mummy❔❓ ~Jingle~

🎀Friends Forever🎀 ~Jingle~

{{this is a bad piccc}} I wont be posting for maybe a day or so.. Mums not feeling good :( ~Otis~

Mummy? ~Jingle~

😜my tail had a major spasm!😝 ~Jingle~

*pant* *pant* ~Jingle~

Walkies!!!! ~Jingle~

Aww me at 6-8 weeks, wasn't I cute❤ ~Jingle~

What's out here mummy? ~Jingle~

Mummy plz open de door:) ~Bibi~

Mummy, why do you always trick me??? ~Bibi

Mummy😘 ~Bibi~

Hey:D ~Bibi~

Goodmorning world:D ~Jingle~

#selfie with mummy, I wuv woo wots mummy<3 ~Jingle~

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