jackson LMAO


why he is like this

this is why you don’t throw things to the stage, youngjae could’ve been blind by that bitcj


happy birthday our Thai Prince bambamie, stay healthy and happy always, thankyou for being with us, keep doing what you love. pls pls pls stay healthy! Gonna see you soon!

yugyeom will never let bambam live

why is he so good at girl group dances, i’m WHEEZING

excuse you sir, but what kind of pose is that

the iconic you cannot talk, you’re mute

i’m not crying i’m NOT

who the fuck gave them the right to wear a leather jacket I need to talk

Jackson, you always want us to take care of ourselves. Now it’s our time to tell you, I hope you also take care of yourself. Please get plenty of rest, please get well! we are always here for you

the eldest and the quite one
Credit to “i don’t know a brian” YTchannel

his cheeky laugh at the end

yugyeom literally lives to annoy hyung line

why jackson always so soft when it comes to jaebum
happy birthday the most hard working person with a soft and kind heart, seriously though jackson you deserve the world @jacksonwang852g7 #KINGJACKSONDAY

did youngjae just imitate ahgase lol

why did he laugh

wtf was jaebum doing on the floor

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