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I can’t wait for the new Young Justice season!!! Though I know the whole Impulse and Blue Beetle ship won’t happen but..... ITS CUTE and Aqualad is a potential gay or bisexual! These are my suit designs for Impulse and Beast boy, they’re simple but I like them lol ❤️💙💚#bluebeetle #impulse #bluepulse #beastboy #youngjustice #watercolor

Coachella vibes ✌🏻 #impulse by @eccosoycuero
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🏹Season 7 is looking pretty crazy, you guys...🏹
🏹I'm just kidding! We're filming for @streetheroics this weekend and I'm pumped! Be on the look out for some BTS!

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Having a bloody lovely old time pulling out jazz rekids this evening.
So my colleague announced today that he’d bought a saxophone and was going to start learning. Long story short (essentially, a lot of un-asked for enthusiasm about John Coltrane) I offered to make a list of ten sax-heavy records to check out. Which was probably agreed to in order to shut me up... buuut I’m doing it anyway. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🎷
I took A Love Supreme and Kind Of Blue as read (because who hasn’t heard ‘em?) and then wrote a list off the top of my head... and promptly spent two hours pulling records out and second-guessing myself. Obviously it’s both partial and partisan- but if there are any glaring omissions, feel free to call me out on ‘em. I’ve tried to keep away from the intense stuff (no Ayler, Ornette, etc.) and also not just have ten ‘Trane LPs. Also, I could pick basically any Fela record, but I’ve always really liked the playing on Monday Morning In Lagos. So:
John Coltrane- Blue Train; Africa/Brass; Crescent;
Sonny Rollins- Saxophone Colossus;
Cannonball Adderley- Somethin’ Else;
Wayne Shorter- Juju;
Herbie Hancock- Maiden Voyage;
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers- Free For All;
Pharoah Sanders- Karma;
Fela Kuti- He Miss Road
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