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Hey guys, are you searching for a diverting and exciting game? I have something for you. @galaxystarsgames presents a new game for having fun, competing with your friends and improving your skills. Check it out on http://tiny.cc/galaxystars-kickstarter
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The habits of the rich.
It's time to adopt these.
Book: Rich Habits, link in my bio.

Riding With Tact.
Above all else, I strive for everything I do with horses to be tactful. There is a place for them to learn about riders being less than perfect, but in actual riding and training I want to be tactful. My horse is my partner, and I prefer not to take advantage of his good nature by being a sloppy mess when I get in the saddle. Even with some of the more, well, ridiculous things I do with them (see: dressing my horse up like an elephant) I want to approach these things with a sense for its impact on my horse, and how I can minimize the negative. When riding, I am constantly focusing on making my aids smaller, gentler, quieter. It’s an insult to the horse to be over the top and excessive in your aids when he’s capable of not only feeling a fly on his back, but moving that part of his body precisely to remove it. For example, I have a terrible habit of holding my hands waaayyyyy too wide on Sid. There’s a place for wide hands when educating a horse about contact and bend, but Sid is quite good at both of these things, so why on earth I was still holding my hands a foot apart is beyond me. What is one thing you could improve in your riding to make it more tactful? #horse #horses #tactful #precise #preciseriding #cowboydressage #softfeel #happyhorse #horsemanship #horsetrainer #trainer #education #improveyourself

Don't expect anything from anyone while working towards your dreams!! You have to do it yourself. You have focus on yourself and improve yourself every single day so you can start giving back. Nobody will do it for you. Rise & shine, baby!! 🔥❤️☀️🍃 #pieterpetros #improveyourself

Hold the vision. Trust the process.
Be patient with yourself! Remember, we are all at different stages in our journey, so don’t get discouraged! I remember when I first started really lifting weights with my husband, I would leave the gym crying (no joke) because I was so discouraged with my slow progress.
The best thing you can do is be consistent and love yourself! ❤️🤗❤️
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Неужели она нам дана для того, чтобы прожить её с обыденным графиком, на повседневной работе с вечным недосыпом!?😴
Самое время жить полной насыщенной жизнью:
• Цените🙏🏻, Любите❤️, Будьте благодарными за то, что имеете!✨
• Познавайте этот мир!🌎
Посещайте все больше и больше новых мест!✈️⛰🛶🏝
• Занимайтесь любимым делом!✨ Получайте от этого удовольствие!
•Совершайте неординарные поступки, не думайте, что о вас подумают другие! Это совершенно не имеет значения!🙈
•Будьте искренними, открытыми, прямыми! 😼
•Занимайтесь спортом 💪🏻, Творчеством!✍🏻
• Будьте собой! Долой маски!🎭 .
Время пройдёт, но только от Тебя зависит, какой будет Твоя Жизнь!☝🏻
Время действовать!!🔥🙌🏻
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🌸Хүний чадамж бүрэн цоморлигоо нээн дэлбээлэхийг Йог гэнэ 🌸

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#buongiorno ! 🌞✌ fuori regge il tempo anche oggi 🌞🌞 oggi giornata #workout quindi colazione bella energetica 💪 crepes di farina di avena #nutchoc di @max_protein (ormai siamo inseparabili 😁😂🦄) farcita con burro di arachidi al cioccolato della #prozis e cacao amaro, da bere una bella spremuta di arancia
#goodmorning , it's a sunny cool day🌞🌞🌞✌ #breakfast full of energy for my #workoutday :
#maxprotein oatmeal flour crepes stuffed with chocolate peanut butter and to drink a fresh orange juice
crepes dough:
35gr oatmeal flour nutchoc ✔
1 egg ✔
50ml milk ✔
5gr coconut butter ✔

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Your Wellness Advisory Committee - we all need to find our own personal Wellness Advisory Committee. These are passionate experts or mentors in different areas of life, that you can go to for their thoughts, advice and guidance. They may be a GP, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Psychotherapist, Cosmetic Chemist, Holistic Dentist, Osteopath, Speech Pathologist, Kinesiologist, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Homeopath, Aromatherapist or other health and wellness advocate. In addition to doing your own research, whilst remaining mindful of your purpose and values, you can then make informed decisions regarding your health and wellness, and that of your family. Medicine is what doctors provide for you, health and wellness is what you provide for yourself. You are 100% accountable for your own life so choose your personal wellness team members and lead your best life!

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The Bravery Collective is up and running! 🎉💃🏻❤️
👋 I’m Leonie, my empowering coaching transforms your relationship to stress and anxiety so you can live without fear. .
🙌 I also run an awesome community on Facebook for kick-ass brave women who have had it up to here with stress controlling their life, and are putting themselves back in charge. .
🇦🇺I’m based in Brisbane, Australia at the moment and I’m from the UK. .
👩🏻‍💻I’m a digital nomad and work online (here I am on a balcony in western Brisbane a few days after I arrived and loving life)
💜I’ve had an anxiety disorder for 15 years. I’ve had breakdowns and been housebound. I’ve had paramedics out to me because my panic attacks were out of control. I’ve lost dangerous amounts of weight, and had periods with no sleep. I’ve also obtained a bachelors and 2 masters, lived abroad solo, travelled, published papers and in the last year I’ve transformed my life completely. I quit a soul-destroying job, started my own business to help and serve other incredible women, and left the UK. .
💪 If you are a woman, especially one living within anxiety or stress, you are BRAVE. If you can learn to harness that bravery, which usually is caught up on fighting your own brain, powerful shifts happen. You get your life back, and make it magnificent. .
💁‍♀️Teaching women how to do that is my driving force and genius, and I rock at it. .
Looking forward to connecting with more brave and aspiring-to-be-brave women! ❤️

Raped, molested, teenage pregnancy, death of loved ones, abandoned. These are the few things that Oprah Winfrey endured. But she choose to fight back and that makes her who she is today. It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from or what you look like. You can always succeed if you're ready to work at it.
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