@veeforvindetta and I were in the same room as Beyonce and Jay Z for like 3 hours and it was everything I needed in my life...until I jumped a little too high during a song and scraped the back of my foot with concrete, an injury now lovingly known as “the zombie bite.” But seriously, this show was ART. 🍋💛🖤🐝

But, who are you?
What do you want,
Who do you want? 🌀

Have you even asked these questions? ✨

The answers are in stillness.
Something we less often make time for. 🔮

The answers are in the space we create when we give time to ourselves when we need it. 🌀

The answers are in the divine little synchronicities that come when we let go of expectations & attachments. 🔻

Let life be ecstasy, as it’s meant to be. Let love in. Create space for it. Follow your flow and say “YES, fuck yes,” to the pull. You know the one. It taps at you often & will keep tapping until you have no choice but to follow it & the things that don’t make sense. That’s how you find magic. You let it find you. You create it when you say “yes” to the juicy goodness of all that is. Your soul knows the way, so let that bitch speak. 🌙 .
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being friends with @maybirdsara is gonna do wonders to my ig feed 🐠

Fantastic staycation at The Great Wolf Lodge 🐺 with friends!! #impromptuphotoshoot #greatwolflodge #staycation #waterparkfun #friendsforlife #vacationbuddies

Giving you that senior picture realness. Found my new Grindr and Tinder pics in here! 📷 @vsantiago49 #gayboy #fall2018 #impromptuphotoshoot #instagay #nofilter #portraitmode #gay

Isn’t it strange how sometimes it’s necessary to travel across the world to find a piece of home? ✨
Met this bunch of Crazy Canucks in New Zealand, and couldn’t be happier returning home to them ❤️ #impromptuphotoshoot #familyportrait

Twenty seconds later, a group of confused tourists walked past. We should have convinced them that reflectors are an Atlantic tradition. At least when you’re friends with a professional blogger.

This day was just so much fun with @__dahlie 😊😁 #impromptuphotoshoot #iphoneography #downtowntoronto

@marvin6_ can we make this a thing whenever I come to your city 😏...

Out with this stud. #workit #impromptuphotoshoot

Get creative. Get inspired. Be You.

Create the peace you seek.

Absorbed in nature. Breathe it’s life into your own and become one because you are nature and nature is you.

Had a bit of an episode today but thankfully I have an amazing girlfriend who knows how to deal with me. Never forget the importance of a support system. ❤

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