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Got two mood mats in the mail today.
#5inch #moodmats #sacredgeometry #circleoflife #impossiblegeometry


A story about feeling the need to be somewhere else 🏊 #digitalart #photomontage #impossiblegeometry #landscape #instaart

New geometric illustration complete!

Center cubes are done, now to decide on background colors (might still darken the pink to more of a fuchsia)

New illustration finished, background is off center, do you think it detracts from the piece or adds to it? .... inspired by @regolo54 #notdigitalart

Tonight's progress...

New illustration #workinprogress #wip. #flatdesign

New Illustration finished! My first illustration measured w/ the metric system. Had to get creative w/ background color pattern because of the colors I selected for the center cube. Cube inspired by @eliasmina background inspired by @skoofer #flatdesign #notdigitalart

Center cube is done. Committed to yellow/orange at the end for the top color. I really like using violet and aqua together. I wanted high contrast, and it works!

New work in progress...

New illustration completed. Center cube inspired by @eliasmina, background pattern inspired by @regolo54 #notdigitalart

Magic Mirror: this edition of Impossible Jali is made on mirror finished aluminium, so in addition to being 'Double Penrose' (it's a penrose impossible frame motif on Penrose tiles) it's also an Escher magic mirror playing games with reflections, surface and depth. It's seen here above our Sampan basin, inspired by origami boats.

Center cube is done, now to decide background colors...

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