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With great power comes great responsibility @melissarose_m wearing the "Power" tee, photo from @l_shore #importbible

Many years ago I bought one of @importbible 's first shirts. Fast forward to today, and it's an honor to be supported by the same brand. Rockin' the Lucky 7's tee! Check out their site (www.importbible.com) and keep an eye out for the upcoming collab shirt 😎🀘🏼 #importbible .

Massive thank you to David @importbible for sending me an amazing care package. I've loved his work for a long time. Check out his page and store! Dreamroom special collab with #importbible soon (βŒ’-βŒ’; )

The irony is he hated awd πŸ˜‚ #importbible

Awesome new goods from @importbible - Check the Gentlemans Agreement shirt! Conceptually brilliant! Those who know R32 GTR's will get it!!! #bnr32 #importbible

Roadstachu shirt by @importbible for all the Pokemon hunters out there #miata #pokemon #importbible

So if you didn't get the joke or didn't look at the date yesterday before sending me an angry email...πŸ˜‚ #importbible

After designing all of these mini projects I forgot to leave some designs for my summer line 😣 deadline in two weeks #importbible


With great power comes great responsibility @melissarose_m wearing the "Power" tee, photo from @l_shore #importbible

My commentary on "real" stickers on fake wheels πŸ˜‚ #importbible

Already sold out in small gray jackets, this will be the last production run for KWAY jackets since they have stopped production #importbible

New Heartbreaker jackets are out! Available in Gray and White in limited quantities. #importbible

Loving my new apparel from @importbible! Swipe to see the back, it's awesome!
#samikay #importbible

In search of models based in Melbourne for a mini shoot #importbible

Shout out to @importbible all the way on #diamondheadcrater in #oahu
(sorry about the super sweaty back... Hiking in +30 degrees would do that)
Had a couple locals ask about this #importbible shirt too!

A great auto cross over the weekend...i managed a class win, with over a second lead
#autox #motorsport #funinthesun #esca #corvette #z06 #redsportscars #prettylady #goingfast #importbible

When you gotta turn back and admire your car #importbible

Craziest one yet? Lots of extras on this bug eyed wagon #importbible

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