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Good evening friends!☺ Entry to @implusactivities #implus_homework #implus_down

Rio de Janeiro #implus_down

Bom dia!!! Good Morning!!!😊😊😊

Sydney Opera House ~ one of my favourite combos #Hipstamatic #Salvador84 #RockBW11

Rio+20 - Humanidade

Good night my friends! Boa noite amigos! Mais uma do #instawalk

I'’ll go out there and make my mistakes. I’'ll fall down, get hurt, cry, laugh, love, and get back up. I'’ll stand on the highest mountaintop and go into the deepest caverns. I'll roam across the world, visit the moon and swim in outer space. I'll let my imagination run wild and let my spirit soar. Why? Because when my life flashes before my eyes in those final moments, I want to have something worthwhile to watch, with plenty of love and laughter, good times and bad. I don't want to regret a thing and I plan not to. Remember, it's not usually the things you do that you regret, it's the things you don't do and leave unsaid. Laugh out loud. Cry in the rain. Love with all your heart and soul. Get hurt. Tell the truth. Go crazy. But never forget that you only get one shot. One shot at this day, one shot at this minute. One shot at this age. One shot at life. So make sure your life is one you will enjoy watching in your final moments.~Anna Floyd ❤

Entre France et Suisse

View from the top of the exposition Humanity 2012: Copacabana Beach.

Feeling Refreshed

Rio+20, insrawalk,sol, mar e bike... Combinação perdeita do que é ser carioca!!!

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