@ronansmith96 @caralynemarshall good friends don’t just come . You have to work and be who you are . I’m thankful for you guys . #gay #straightgirl #straightguy #goodhair #hotpeople #imnotperfect #imme #goodenergy #energy #family #hourtodomyhair

Percintaan perlukan pengorbanan.. #imnotperfect

I got several notes/emails from the school letting me know when picture day was.. sometimes life just gets so busy and you send you kid to school in normal cloths and hair up in a pony tail for picture day! #momfail #imnotperfect 🤷🏻‍♀️ regardless of what she was wearing or what her hair looked like she managed to still be the prettiest girl you have ever seen❤️

I’ve never in my life had to lay a finger on the enemy or even damage my character.. When I say I got to watch almost everyone who said fuck me get what was coming to them!!! 😁😂😂 dont you ever come for the one who is always trying to do right by you!! #imnotperfect

The accuracy of this post is scary. Being a parent is the hardest, scariest, painful but most rewarding responsibility I’ve ever taken on. Sometimes.. I just wish someone cared as much as I did and would realize I am strong but I also need help. Especially right now... 💔😭 #imnotperfect #illnevergiveuponyou

I’m always working on these- of course there’s always room to grow. #imnotperfect 👩‍👧‍👦

I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.
When I was younger I decided to skip university as I felt it wasn’t the right option for me. Instead, I moved to the opposite end of the world and spent a couple of years discovering different cultures and myself at the same time.
What I learnt is that the world is an amazing exciting place with beautiful people from all over the globe.
I soon realised though that the whole backpacking adventure was great but the $$ wasn’t coming back I couldn’t enjoy the experiences as much whilst working 60 hours a week, just to get by.
So I made the decision if I’m going to make this life a permanent and sustainable reality then I’m going to have to find a way to make money without trading my time for it.
Working Online was the answer! I could leverage my time to the masses, I could use programs to automate my sales, and I could do it from anywhere in the world!! As long as I had a smartphone and laptop!
It took me nearly 4 years to make this my reality, from what I’ve learnt in this industry is that you can be a person, that always talks about what it would be like to have this and do that, and see that etc.. but never actually do it.
Or you make the decision! To start acting and thinking differently and do the work to make your dream life a reality.
The only limitations to success are within you.
Your environment will only control you if you let it.
So don't let it and if you want something bad enough just go and get it and don't stop till you do.
It’s time to take action. If your ready to join me around the globe click the link in my bio @Law_of_attraction.with.adam

It's ok to be imperfect #positivevibes #imnorapper #imnotperfect #420girls
p.s. we need more lil Kim's or some it's too light in here......

Just saw this and it made me smile 😍 My ❤️ tells me I never tell him a story without going off on a tangent..... -
Is this a girl thing?? At least I'm aware of it 😂😂 #keepthefocus #storytellers #imnotperfect

🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️I don’t even care I just do Rah n have a good time , but that sitting on the floor shit, A BITCH. HAD TO GO 🤷🏽‍♀️#drunk #wantwhatiwant #ihaveagoodtime #igettore #imnotperfect #butimstill #coolassrah💯

For all
Jangan pernah anda menghina ataupun memperlakukan wanita dengan cara kasar/kekerasan. Perlakukanlah wanita itu seperti semestinya karna tanpa wanita anda semua tidak akan dilahirkan dimuka bumi ini dan tidak akan bisa bahagia di dunia ini maupun di akhirat nanti.
Salam damai dari saya.
Im not perfect
Selamat merayakan hari kartini bagi yang merayakan.✌👍💂👌

Das Leben bekommt mehr Bedeutung, wenn du begreifst, dass du niemals den selben Moment zweimal erleben wirst.🌹💓
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