Humble beginnings, can't thank my Mother enough for choosing to give birth to me in the states, changed my whole future. Thank you Mom! #GraciasMadre #ThankYouMom #ImmigrantRoots #LosMochis #Sinaloa #LosCañeros #FatboyGetsItIn #InstaLike #InstaPic #PicOfTheDay

I found it. And then I lost it. The courage and fortitude it must have taken. #ellisisland #immigrantroots. #firstgenerationamerican #myfather

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” -Psalm19:1
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My great great great great grandparents, Friederick & Friedericka Woelffer, from Wippra, Saxony. He was born in 1807 and she in 1804, they married in 1826.

At this time 168 years ago they were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with their 5 children, sailing to America for a better life. They spent 6 weeks at sea, arriving in NYC on July 15th, 1850. They boarded the train to Milwaukee, WI. My 4th great grandpa found the land far to flat and swampy for his liking, so they continued west by horse and wagon to Jefferson County. They quickly bought a farm in the Waterloo/Lake Mills area, where they would all live and prosper.

Friederick's mother tragically died when he was 2 weeks old. And his father died when he was just 14. As the only child he inherited a successful grist mill in Wippra. Selling this mill and their farm paid for the opportunity at a new life in America.

Friederick was a notoriously picky eater. Everyday for breakfast and dinner he are the same thing- a ham sandwich made on his wife's sour dough rye bread & a cup of black coffee. He smoked a pipe. He had a particularly fine black horse that he was very fond of, which he rode to Milwaukee every fall. He would being a few things to sell and always returned with a whole lot of whiskey. When he was too old to farm, his grandsons would carry a chair out onto the field for him; and he would take his cane and pipe to husk corn alongside the other men.

Friedericka was the mother of 6 sons. The first 2 were twins, but one boy tragically died when they were 3 years old. She liked to knit and she was an exceptional cook. She was remembered as always being jolly. When her grandkids played hide and seek, she loved to let them hide under her apron and big skirts. She was ill and bedridden the last months of her life; and she dreaded the long dark nights. Her family lit floating candles in a glass of water to light up the room for her. She passed away in 1884.

Friederick died in 1887, 5 days shy of his 80th birthday. They lived roughly half their lives in Saxony and half in Wisconsin.

The @thetenementmuseum on The Lower East Side...so moving. A place all Americans should visit. “Funny how things change but still remain the same” #newyork #thetenementmuseum #lowereastside #immigrantroots #refugeeroots

Linna repping her roots this #4th! #HEALegend #Pride #ImmigrantRoots

#tbt To my graduation in 2015. My Dad passed away right before but I finished with him in spirit. I am so proud of my immigrant roots and blessed to be in a position where I can help others. #believeinyourself #immigrantroots #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #firstgenerationamerican #latinaAF #proudmama

This week’s treasures are family ephemera: photos and letters.
1) my dad’s dad, Sam, as a young man
2) Sam as a boy with his parents, Ida and Julius, in their dry goods store in Chaffee, Missouri, early 1900’s
3) Sam and his father in their car, early 1900’s
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Kevin De Leon speech about diversity at the Stanford Graduation #kevindeleon #california #diversity #stanfordgraduation2018 #immigrantroots

#culturenight was a success. Thanks to #MillidgevilleNorthSchool for having such an #inclusive & welcoming environment. #proudcanadian also getting a chance to celebrate his #immigrantroots . Also, for a mother who flew in to help bake 😉 #trinidadandtobago #saintjohn #nb

Found my great-grandparents’ marriage certificate. It is beautiful! I would love to know how these two immigrants from Russia met and fell in love in rural Missouri. I’m afraid their story is lost to time. #familyhistory #immigrantroots #allarewelcomehere

5 years ago around this time I graduated with my bachelors degree. This means that my parents had also received a college degree. So much to be grateful for in this land of opportunities. I stood (and stand) proudly next to the American flag because it has paved the way for my family. But the blood of Mexico will forever be within my veins. America, we need to do better #American #Mexican #proud #latina #collegegrad #immigrantroots #firstgen #dobetter #bebetter

Lady liberty you are always beautiful to me ♡ #nyc #ladyliberty #girlstrip #historynerd #immigrantroots #ellisisland #ineverwanttoleave

A little light child labor happening in my household. #immigrantroots #ssstpbjb3 #toddlerasstheo #strongaf

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