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Mais um ano acompanhado o Ironman Brasil, muito feliz com TODOS pacientes e amigos que fizeram a prova! Galera detonou e mostrou muita supera莽茫o!
Esse cara ai da foto @tvinhal mostrou que vale a pena ir em busca dos nossos sonhos que com muito trabalho e determina莽茫o podemos transformar esse sonho em realidade! Parab茅ns Vinhal 茅 um prazer fazer parte da sua equipe! Vai largar em Kona entre os 55 melhores Triatletas do Mundo.#nilciofisio #imkona2017

I love this photo taken by @anniekurzewski of Nic before he finished #IMBrazil in a time of 9hr13min, came 3rd in his age group and secured a slot for #IMkona2017. I'm a very, very proud Mom #ironman #hardworkpaysoff #seeyouinhawaii

Little late riding but the views were 馃憣#imkona2017 #peakformhealthcenter #triclubsandiego

This is how it looks like when you set the new world record marathon, 42,195km in 57m39s, average 44km/h. Incredible ending of part 1 from season 2017 and really happy with my new @rovalcomponents wheels! One week rest before I start my way to the World Championships and #IMKona2017 . #handcycling #worldrecord #armpower #painmyfriend 馃摳 Ilona Seifert

E foi p贸dio, 3 lugar na categoria. Muito orgulhosa!!
#sosvenezuela #venezuelapresente #imflorianopolis #imkona2017

Essa turma show segue pro #ironmanfloripa pra carimbar o passaporte pro #imkona2017! Obrigado pessoal, 茅 um privil茅gio poder fazer parte deste sonho! #makingsense #chasingdreams #changinglives

Listas y dispuestas para empezar a sumar kil贸metros y proteger mis piernecitas en este nuevo ciclo 馃弮馃挩 #im703chatt #imkona2017 @k1chile @belsport


This is me after a 3,000 yard swim that led to a 12 mile run. It was getting too dark and I cannot risk any misstep with my ankle so I called the wife for a ride home. The run was not my smartest move. The plan was to aqua jog due to some jabs of pain and swelling but all the lanes were taken so I threw caution to the wind. To make it worse my first 5.5 and last 2 were on the streets. I have been 100% dirt or grass for a long time. I should not have gone this far. We shall see how the ankle responds.

It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when you implement that effort into your life... every single day, that's where transformation happens. That's how change occurs. Keep going. Remember why you started
馃摳 @paloma_
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Sunday's brick although there were unfortunately hours in between tied to a bee sting. I'm very allergic and somehow a bee crawled down my tri top. The doc told me to just take Benadryl which I think was a bad idea cause it is very hard, hot and swollen now (that's what she said). Anyway, the bike was awesome and fun. Felt very strong. Took it easier on the run tied to the bee sting and I have been feeling some sharp jabs of pain in the surgically repaired foot. I kept the very conservative interval: 1 minute run, 2 minute walk.

Brick disrupted by a bee. 50 mile ride was great but a bee got in my jersey and stung me and I am very allergic. Urgent care is my long transition

92 miles was so yesterday. 3 hour ride. 8 mile run is so today

I owe 20 minutes of riding to the week which I will get in tomorrow. This was supposed to be 6 hours but I was trying to make my son's baseball game so I stopped a little short. Pace a little slower today which is good. I rode with a friend and held his pace some + the 5,000 feet of climb + I really am supposed to take it easy on these rides. Super grateful to @tony_lead for joining me and showing me a new route. It helped me get motivated to get out there.

Comienzan a aparecer los posibles candidatos para ganar #IMKona2017 @Sebastiankienle hizo lo propio en el campeonato europeo, 驴Ya t煤 tienes a tus favoritos? -
- What a race! With a time of 7:41:42, @sebastiankienle is the back to back IRONMAN European Champion! 馃弳
#imeuchamps #ironmantri #ironmantraining #swimbikerun #triathlon

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