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@Regrann from @imjustheretomakeyouthink - Less than 6% of 3600 African slaves came to N. America, the majority went to S. America. Keep right believing what those whites told you hear #ImJustHereToMakeYouThink #IJHTMYT #aborigine - #regrann


Untold Truth About DNA Genealogy Companies And Your Results!
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Dane Calloway
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Someone's lying about our history! Thanks to Indeed Education and Dane Calloway of YouTube for the inspiration! Two points:
1. In 1619 only 20 and some odd numbers Negroes (Africans) were brought to the New World (Point Comfort or aka Jamestown VA aboard the Man of War Dutch ship.
2. 12 million African slaves were brought to the Americas! What they don't tell you is that only 300 to 400,000 of those 12 million we're brought to North America aka the United States Corporation according to their words but if you were to look at the chart from slavesvoyage.org their were 0 in their chart in 1619. Majority of them were African men.
Look at the photos to see what I mean below!
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They say this thing behind me ☀️that's lighting up our life is 93,000,000 miles away.....i call bs on that!! Seems a hell of a lot closer than that to me. And no I don't think earth is flat 😒 #thesuniscloserthanyouthink #sun #energy #life #imjustheretomakeyouthink

In a genetic study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Genetic,” researchers found  evidence showing the first African arrived in China about 60,000 years ago.  Researcher and population geneticist Li Jin states, “Our work shows that modern humans first came to southeast Asia and then moved later to northern China. This supports the idea that modern humans originated in Africa.” A 2009 published essay from the “Light Words from the Dark Continent; A Collection of Essays,” by Nibs Ra and Manu Amun, offers insight to early Chinese civilizations.  It states that the first documented governance in China was headed by the Shang or Chiang dynasty in 1500-1000 B.C. King T’ang or Ta, founder of the Shang dynasty, was of African descent.  The Shang were also called Nakhi, which literally means “Black” (Na) and “Man” (khi). King T’ang and the Shang dynasty were responsible for unifying China to form their first civilization.
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The True Identity Of A Black American! - James Baldwin (1965) #ImJustHereToMakeYouThink

#Repost This woman was just about to get into their asses when they cut her mic off😩 #HurricaneHarvey #TeaTENDERS - #regrann @teatenders__ @chididdy26 #ImJustHereToMakeYouThink #imaginethat


What cha knw bout it tho ?
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