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Great show last night so today is a work day


For the glory of Afrikans! #ImJustFreeTalking


💯💯💯Repost from @uncle_tom_tehuti using @RepostRegramApp - #Repost We're always quick to get on and "drag" a brother for his lack of accountability and toxic behavior but… what about the sisters? From the incessant attitudes to the extreme pettiness. From the strong sense of entitlement to feeling one is right knowing they're wrong. It's not ONLY the Black Man's job to fix things and self. In order to have healthy relationships, we BOTH need to do our respective parts. So my sisters, we are doing our parts concerning #BlackBrotherhood but are you doing your part concerning #BlackSisterhood ? And friendly reminder; not every "brother" is going to get it, just like not every "sister" will listen. So its unfair to expect EVERY Black Man(thats straight, that is) to come correct when you and your ilk dangle acknowledgment over our heads like carrots and extremely unfair to mistreat your man because either you expect him to fuck up like your ex or you listen to your bitter friends about how we aint shit. We in this together of what? #WakeUpBlackPeople #BlackAccountability #GhettoPassRevoked #ImJustFreeTalking

#flashback gotta fight I got people in my corner #ImJustFreeTalking

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