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When mom leaves that loaf in for too long so you have to kindly remind her to take it out. (Favorite quote of all time from @jahova375)

Original vid: "THE YELLING MADMAN! (Funny Call of Duty Moments!) ft. Jahova!" By: speedyw03
#rage #Meatloaf #ImJahova #TheCrew #HovaHomies #TheYellingMadMan #YellingMadMan #VolumeWarning #EarRape #Meme #Dankmeme

Here's to the YouTubers I used to watch ALLLLLL the time bout 5 years ago. Last time I watched them was 2 years ago, which was when I got in my Yogscast addiction, then not long after that, my Hat Films addiction. Anyway, just thought I'd post this because I just started thinking bout the Crewniverse (not sure if that's what they're called or if it's what they call they're fan base or whatever) and felt really sad and bad for not watching them in sometime. And I realise ShadowBeatz isn't in the collage and I apologise for that.
~ Ross 🎩 (personal: @djh3haley_115 )
#thedeluxe4 #deluxe4 #kyrsp33dy #nobodyepic #imjahova #jahovaswitness #sidearms4reason #str8mario #legiqn #theg18 #deluxe20

This edit is so bad but so true 😂😂😂

Am I right 😂

BOOM! Now can people stop asking @jordanroriepayton or crew accounts what happen between them finally? Me personally, I think Jordan is doing very well by himself and I still love him. So please, stop asking!


#WCW ? And btw sorry for late post, spring break ended and im back in school :/ hope u guys had a good spring break 💖

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