#elfrutodetantoesfuerzo , este es el resultado de tanto esfuerzo, de tantos años de trabajo, de hacer las cosas BIEN, de ser HONESTOS , de NO sufrir de envidia, de hacer un favor cuando se PUEDE sin esperar NADA a cambio, de ser EXCELENTES padres, hijos, hermanos, amigos y un GRAN ejemplo para mucha gente, este es el resultado de superar cada obstáculo por el que han pasado y hemos pasado como familia, siempre unidos de Dios, unidos como familia, siempre juntos y de la mano como pareja. Los amo no solo porque se han mis padres, sino en especial, por que tienen muchos valores que ha numerosa gente le hacen falta. #imissmyfamily #thebest #tourforeurope #love #family #happiness

When your brother calls almost in tears telling you all he wanted was to see you today..my fucking heart 💔

My brother lives in a care home with other adults with autism. I see him maybe once every few months because they have to be arranged visits. He barely knows who I am any more. This is the first time in years he’s told me he missed me...
#familywithautism #imissmyfamily #autisumawareness #struggling #heartbreaking #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #somuchhurt #autismsupport

I got so accustomed to all my family being at every game, when most of them left, I truly realized how much it really meant to me. I am so happy my sister and my growing nephew were there tonight for my girls’ games. It really made my night! #seester #imissmyfamily #volleyballislife

Tb to when I surprised my sister at @ponomarket ! ✨ She thought I wasn’t coming home for the holidays but she thought wrong. Hehe.
@mcnotsquare_ literally tries to surprise us EVERY single time she visits from Alaska and this time I got her good 🤣😏 #ILoveYouButIHateYou #ThanksTo @nightowlri #IKnewIt @missmichellesanchez #IMissMyFamily #AndPonoMarket #Homesick #Af 😩

Friday night is usually pizza and a movie night with my family. Can't do that with them tonight but I am thinking of them. Miss you lots xxxxxxx

The last picture my mom took of me at the hospital. I didn’t sleep well for about 2 days... my eyes showed how tired I was but I was moving so much and enjoyed seeing the cartoon pictures on the ceiling. I was talking and was sucking on my lips because I was hungry. I looked like I was better already. I just needed to sleep but my heart didn’t let me sleep. 😓 #tiredeyes #lastdayonearth #stillsohappy #imissmyfamily #withjesusnow #evianaamari #nomorepain

Just leaving the shop. I see a Starbucks extra shot in my future... exhausted 😴 something’s got to give 🙂 #sweettee #imissmyfamily #bedtime

Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be with theirs for eternity. ❤️
This picture was taken when my family dropped me off to begin my mission about 18 months ago. I really miss them a lot, and I am beyond grateful to know that through the restored authority of Christ, our family ties will last beyond death into the eternities. These people mean more than the world to me. I am so happy to be stuck with them forever. ❤️
Go to Mormon.org or DM me for more information about how your family can be together forever!

#TBT to this past Saturday in NYC and NJ for my Auntie's wedding!!! Her and her husband met when they were children in Grenada then reconnected and got married almost 50 years later. It is a testament that we all can find LOVE at any age so do not rush it because of what family & friends or society thinks. My opinion is It's better to take time to find the right one that makes you smile every morning (LOL or majority of the mornings) of life together. 😘😘😘💕💕💕💕💕 #wedding #tbt #imissmyfamily #family❤️ #love #life #joy #fun #pawteepawtee #princecharmingawaitsme #smile #livingmybestlifeallthetime #mybrothertookagreatpicofme

They loved when I took them to Harley Davidson to look at bikes❤️ running around like banshees had me so nervous!! ❤️😳 #harleydavidson #ourmunchkins #brotherandsister #imissmyfamily @mckaylaloree I love y’all ❤️😘

Kami tak punya banyak Harta untuk bahagiakan mama dan papa...tp insaallah Kami akan buat mama dan papa bahagia dengan ilmu dan pengetahuan yang kami dapatkan..☺☺☺ #TerimakasiMama&;Papa

I sit here and think how much I miss you. I miss all the time we spent together in our adolescence lives . You were my best friend in the whole world. I look up to you in many ways. Whatever you did I wanted to do because I wanted to be just like you. To this day I still want to be like you. I admire you in so many ways I love you so much cousin 💜 #family #imissmyfamily #cousins #love

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