Baby is the size of a sweet pea and I literally can not get over that there's a little shrimp growing inside me. #soinsane #ryderssoexcited #pregnant #imgoingtobeamommy #only33weeksand2daystogo 😂

He has the sweetest face EVER. 😍😍😍❤️❤️ 👶 My completely biased opinion, but I don’t care. #thatsmybaby #colinisaiah #10moreweekstogo #imgoingtobeamommy #inlove

So excited for such an amazing blessing!.
I cant wait to meet you my baby👶!!
Mommy and Daddy love you so much.😍🤰💜💚.
#BabyFlaugher #Feb2019 #SoExcited #MyBiggestBlessing #ImGoingToBeAMommy #iCantWait #ThankYouGod

Let me be honest, this journey of pregnancy has been a rollercoaster of love/hate emotions. I shouldn’t say “hate” but if I’m being HONEST, there have been times I’ve hated it. In the moment of pain, fear, not being able to be the person I was before, I struggled, I continue to struggle. GROWING A HUMAN IS HARD WORK! Every single thing you do impacts this tiny baby you’re growing. I’ve prayed to GOD over and over again for forgiveness for feeling that way. Especially considering my struggles with pregnancy over the years. I wasn’t going to post this picture of myself, (its not the most flattering photo LOL) Its hard as a woman watching your body transform the way it does while your pregnant. It’s not always sexy, beautiful or cute. 🤷🏼‍♀️ At the same time I’ve been so in love with #datbumptho You’re so proud! You feel 100% woman, I am woman, hear me ROAR!” 🐯 it’s crazy the emotional abuse your tiny child puts you through in the womb. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂I decided to post this picture anyways bc you can clearly see the “love side” of my pregnancy plastered all over my face. I’m madly in love with this sweet, tiny, YET SO STRONG, baby girl growing in side of my belly. She’s changed my life in so many ways in the past 9 months, and I know will continue to for the rest of my life. #mypregnancyjourney #justkeepingitREAL #RemingtonsJourney #imgoingtobeamommy #iamwomanhearmeroar #itsalmosttime #remirose🌹

Første dag på barsel blev en yderst produktiv dag. Huset er rengjort, sengetøjet er skiftet, tøjet er vasket, hunden er gået med op til flere gange, der er handlet, lavet aftensmad, været til hundetræning OG lavet æblegrød + chiagrød til i morgen 🙌🏻 NU skal jeg slappe af. #barsel#maternity#maternityleave#barselslivet#klartilbaby#mommytobe#hausfrau#pregnant#preggo#pregnancy#uge35+0#chia#apples#æblegrød#busy#imgoingtobeamommy

September 8, 2018 | Week 33 (Accidentally skipped a couple weeks!) | #babybumpweekly #babybump #pregnant #pregnancy #imgoingtobeamommy #october2018 #pregnancybrain

Soooo.... we got some exciting news yesterday! I went in for a routine check with my OB, talked about scheduling delivery and then did a quick check of my cervix. Surprise, surprise!! Not only has Hazel dropped into the birth canal, she is 90% effaced AND I'm half a centimeter dilated! So we have officially scheduled my induction for September 15th 🎉🎉🎉 The countdown is officially on!! #holycrap #imgoingtobeamommy #weebabyhazel #thefinalcountdown

Officially official update!! We're so very excited to announce we have a baby davis coming! 😍 At 6 weeks peanut had a strong heart beat of 131 bpm. Going on week 9 with lots of morning sickness, cravings starting annnd emotions through the roof 😂 I'm so excited for this journey and my rainbow baby 😍 docs say there are no complications with pregnancy and baby is strong. Please pray for my little family to stay strong and have a healthy pregnancy #whoababy #davisbaby2019 #rainbowbaby #imgoingtobeamommy 😍

Feeling extra lucky these days🍀Due to arrive 3/17/2019!💚 #baby #imgoingtobeamommy #rochesterny #saintpatricksday

I am so blessed to be your mom, Emylee. Every day is another day closer to meeting you. And even though this pregnancy has been a wild ride, just feeling your movement, your little kicks and jabs, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world. I can't wait for the day that I get to see your little face and shower you with all the love I could possibly give you. 8 more weeks until your grand arrival, mi amorsita.
📸: @ellie.gphotography
#32weekspregnant #almosttime #imgoingtobeamommy #icantwaittomeetyou!

My cravings have sky rocketed since I entered my 2nd Trimester. If you love me just feed me ☺️ #jamaicanfood #tacobell #imgoingtobeamommy #pregnancyannouncement

Not much to show, but I am officially 13 weeks today! Second trimester here I come. Yay! 🎉
The photographer in me feels like I need to capture every moment even if it looks like I just had a few too many potato chips. But I promise you there will be more, and hopefully some progress in the belly department.
My little one is the size of a peach and my heart is fuller than ever! Every milestone I hit, means I’m that much closer to meeting my little angel. The nauseousness and throwing up has gotten better. I’ve had every symptom under the sun, but I’d do it all over again because I’m pregnant and that’s all I’ve ever wanted!! .......
Those who’ve had to wait for this knows what a special gift it is. I will never take this time in my life for granted. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I can finally say I made it. I finally feel like I’m fufulling my purpose in life. 😭 #thankyoujesus #6moremonths #purejoy

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