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Forcing Adam’s niece to like me. #imdesperate

Here you go Jon! You use this and you shouldn't have to worry too much about usada. Sign the Damn contract! I'm gonna be in Anaheim. Get it going. Keep ur nose, sorry mean hands clean for two and a half months man. Come on. I'll ask nicely. Please #beenwaiting #letsgo im willing to make a deal with you, the devil to run it back. #imdesperate

is this a @vitaminwater promo?no, but it could be 🤔😉 #plspayformycollege #imdesperate

if you like selfies of me in a suit taken in my bedroom (because i never leave my house) even though i'm wearing the suit for no particular reason then this is the account for you #followme #imdesperate

Me, pls #imdesperate

Ever since apple picking I've been thinking about buying crates to put around our house to contain him. Brilliant? Maybe. #imdesperate #illtryanything #probablyshouldnttaponthesehashtags 🍏

ISSA BITCH THAT NEEDS A RIDE TO WORK @ 11 AM #imdesperate ☹️ #justfortheridetho lol #lmkkk

Cosmia is like dealing with the war problems at a young age, she's faking a smile😂😂
Hey merls, please comment down edit request like scenes from the books, characters etc. because my editing game is sucky now so please comment request. I am begging you.
#imdesperate #thewaterfiresaga #waterfiresaga #jenniferdonnelly

Hay hay guys :) Our dodgeball teams new logo just got posted on my graphic design account @monasterodesigns ! Please show it some love 💝#graphicdesigner #seewhatididthere 😂💀PS thanks @mikerizzi for letting me borrow ur shirt 🙊 please don't kill me for copying ur pose tho lol #imdesperate


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