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Wife rather play #candycrush than talk to me. #imboring #canigetashot #hellooooooooo

This is something I struggle with. I may have wrote a post similar to this before. But i really needed to do this one right now. But ok. Seriously what is normal? Like a lot of ppl out there try so damn hard to be normal. Im one of them. I have a hard time accepting me. Like just for me. This last week in therapy i was talking about how ill never get a girlfriend cuz im just so different and friends always leave. She said it seems i want it, just dont wanna work for it. She said maybe going to a group therapy to learn how to talk to ppl and different shit would help. And i really dont wanna do that, just not for me really. But it got me thinking why do i want a gf so bad? Well i think its cuz lots of ppl have a gf/bf and they look so fun and happy and all. And i wanna be normal and have a gf to be happy with and do shit. So that way i can fit in and be normal. Not seem so weird to ppl. Like my sis would kinda make fun of me and my parents cuz we like to stay home and she didn't. Ive been called boring before too by ppl. Being an introvert, not going out, hanging with friends and all in society is seen as not normal. Like ur strange if u like to stay home and not socialize with ppl. My therapist has said to me, go to mixers or whatever to meet a girl. Well thats great except, thats not me. Unsocial ppl dont go to those. So i wouldn't find a girl for me there. I think ive been going about therapy wrong. I've been trying to change so im more outgoing and talkative and make friends and get a gf and all, to be normal. When in reality i think wat i need to do is just accept me as my normal. Get back to playing solitaire and puzzles and watching tv and being totally invested in sports. Instead of trying to be social and talking to ppl 24/7. I may never get a gf and ya know. I think that's ok, ima try to be me even if everyone else is "normal." So. Do you. Dont try to be normal. Cuz. What is normal anyway? #whatisnormal #therapy #realization #normal #notnormal #iamweird #iamdifferent #doyou #introvert #funny #definenormal #Redneedsablankettonapanddreamofunicorns #weirdAris #Kaylasocks #Manderspring #imboring #homebody #youareamazing #notsocial #anxiety

People never believe me when I tell them my age.... you gotta get good sleep 😪 drink lots of water 😋 Moisturize 😄 and lay off the drugs mannnnn 🤣🤣🤣 #43neverlookedsogood 💜 #imboring #workandhome

I'm drinking a green tea and she's drinking a whiskey sour, which is just an analogy for who we are as people 😉😂 #imboring #shesfun

Chinese girl eyes
#makeup #imboring

Good evening ✌❤ #like4like #myselfie #imboring

The times where you get bored with normal pictures you use filters for fun lmao my favorite is the white fox/wolf 💕☺️ #snapfilters #imboring #butimweird #lovethefoxorwolffilter

Anda pilih yang mana?
Johanis atau Camilia
Which one do you like lol? ofc J 😂

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