At times, i mean .. Okay, probably ALOT of times i feel really tired and lazy to drag my ass up to even have a workout. But i know i gotta push myself further because if i dun do it, i'll regret when im older. .
I feel that Regret, is the worst feeling one could ever have. On top of that, training hard makes me feel better due to the insecurities i have now / had since young which only people who are close to me can see / knows. Im thankful to always have constant support from my family and friends whom i love so dearly. .
Its easy to say "all you need is Self Confidence " but in fact that's one of the hardest to inbuilt in yourself. Even until now my flaws, my insecurities are always creeping behind my head somewhere tryna eat me up. But here i am standing against it by pushing myself to do whatever i can to the limit no one thinks i can. 💪
#aboutme #imjustlikeyou #imaregularperson #pushinglimits #fitnesslife #kulturestudios

Ive been getting more activity on my posts than I usually do so while I have some attention I thought it could be worthwhile putting it to some good use.
Not being preachy, not forcing anything. Just raising awareness that its out there and it's just a little something we can all do to make a huge difference! 🔮💉 And have a good day everyone!

I️ was gonna post a Lauryn Hill MTV unplugged too but I’ll do that later.. this is better.. happy Sunday everybody! #✌🏾❤️😁 #imaregularperson #youaretooweareallthesame #startactinglikeit #dontbeanassholecauseyoudontunderstandppl #iloveyall #livefree #halleluyah

Met with number one Beachbody coach for the second time! It's awesome to meet someone so inspiring, motivating, and hard working, and then to know she is just a normal person like you and I!
#howlinwolf #beachbodynumberone #imaregularperson

Brunch dot com - moment ft. hand model @kbleiler #imaregularperson

That face you make when You don't get a follow back #imaregularperson #imnotweird #followmeback

Happy birthday to the qween, the legend, the pooster✨💦✨💦 eight(BLEH)teen never looked so bomb #karatingles #thatsnotpeeitssquirt #heygurl #thechops #imaregularperson

One last night out with the bestie before my euthanasia. #euthanasia #sayinggoodbye #imaregularperson

When more than half of the audience in the station are EXO fans, all the white light sticks for real, I feel like my ears are deaf now..... I enjoy the songs but the fans, I am not about being that crazy :P #beinganexofanisnotforhuman #imaregularperson #exofansaresurelysuperhuman

Remove the negative and think positive! You CAN do whatever you try to do. Work hard, believe big, and your dreams will come true! I was given the business opportunity of a lifetime and with hard work my team and I are earning huge bonus from $100,000-$1000! These numbers don't seen real but they are! #PinchingMyself #ImARegularPerson #MomOfBoys

Hanging out with my number 1 fan here in Ecuador. She traveled 5 hours from her city just to meet & see me in mine😳 she gave me a really nice gift 😩🙌I gave her one of my @fanfavorite_apparel shirts 👌 #teamfanfavorite #fansfirst #imaregularperson #donttakeanyone #oranythingforgranted #moments #noregrets

The paparazzi caught me when I least expected it at my apartment. #smileandwave #imaregularperson #justlikeyou

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