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❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ this woman is 62 years old wtf
#davidbowie #imanabdulmajid

Iman for Harper’s Bazaar (October 2005) by Hiro
Hair: Chuck Amos
Makeup: Jay Manuel #iman #imanbowie #imanabdulmajid

"I'm very at ease, and I like it. I never thought I would be such a family-oriented guy; I didn't think that was part of my makeup. But somebody said that as you get older you become the person you always should have been, and I feel that's happening to me. I'm rather surprised at who I am, because I'm actually like my dad!" [Bowie]

#davidbowie #imanabdulmajid #lexijones

Just a deliriously happy picture of @the_real_iman and David Bowie because life is lovely sometimes. 🕊♡♡♡
#imanabdulmajid #bowieforever #lovealways

💥💥 Iman by Peter Lindbergh

Donna Karan ad SS 1997
#Photographer: #PeterLindbergh
#Model: #ImanAbdulmajid



🌀My morphed collage of @jihanmoussa with the white haired 18th dynasty Lady Aniuia/Tinro, great favourite of the Lady of the Two Lands Nefertiti, and wife of Meryre, Overseer of the Royal Harem of Nefertiti, holding a Sa cloth. The whitened hair and pupils of this statue are the basis of my hypothesis on the origins of the Marvel Comics character "Storm".
Daughter of N'Dare, a traditional Kenyan princess, and raised in Harlem and Cairo, Storm was born with the superhuman the ability to control the weather and fly. She is a member of the X-Men, a group of mutant heroes who fight for peace and equality between mutants and humans.
Her matrilineal ancestors include Ayesha and Ashake, Rain Queens of Balobedu. Ashake was a priestess of the Kemetic deity Ma'at. Storm inherited her white mane, along with her powers, from a long line of African women, since the foundation of the mythical Atlantis civilization.
Storm first appeared in 1975 in the comic book Giant-Size X-Men 1, written by Len Wein and drawn by Dave Cockrum, who insisted on drawing her with White hair.
An interesting comparison between Somali-American supermodel Iman, who was sent to boarding school and spent her childhood in Cairo, Egypt, as did Storm. Following political unrest, Iman's family moved back to Somalia, like Storm moved to Kenya after the Suez Canal situation. Then Iman subsequently moved to Kenya, the birthplace of Storm. Iman studied political science at the University of Nairobi, where photographer Peter Beard discovered her, just like Professor X discovered Storm as she was being taught how to control her powers. Iman became a model and took the fashion world by storm in 1975. Storm Ororo Munroe's character was created in that same year...
It is only fitting that an East African woman should be morphed with this statue, as the movie franchises were not keen on authenticity. Thank you, @jihanmoussa, you make a Perfect Storm! 🌀

Totally GOALSS 😍😍😍 #bowie #imanabdulmajid #couple #goals

Revlon used Iman for the most beautiful woman campaign three times more than other model..#revlon#supermodel#imanabdulmajid#africanmodel

African Dreamer
Photographer, artist, diarist and writer @peterbeardart.
He was a @yale man once married to Supermodel @cheryl.tiegs.
He owns a ranch in Kenya, located near the Ngong Hills. He Also is credited with discovering Supermodel @the_real_iman.
#instaafrica #peterbeard #supermodels #cheryltiegs #imanabdulmajid #instakenya #weloveafrica #ngonghills #hogranch #instawilderness #mastersofphotography

Hello bowie pals😊, how was everyone's day? Mine was fine,finished school and I have a lot of studying 😝. But at least I can enjoy this sweet, beautiful photo of David and Iman together!!😍

#davidbowie #davidrobertjones #bowie #iman #imanabdulmajid #starman #heroes #love #legend #forever #beautiful

GuiArt. Supermodels Series: "Iman African Queen", 1999. #mayfair #supermodels #drawing #illustration #fashion #iman #imanabdulmajid #guiart

David, Iman & their never ending love story 💑❤💖

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