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Back at it @greenreaper64 some more details #imaginationscc

Small pic of Imaginations from @lrmhistory back in late 90's #imaginationscc #chicago

Another lrm blessing.. Chicago homies reppin the sicone... thank you everybody....❤ #sic713 #siconestudios #chicagolowriders #imaginationscc


Back at it @greenreaper64 some more details #imaginationscc

I would like to acknowledge all the people that made Brandon's 1yr Anniversary "Drive with Aloha" Rally a Success. But first off I like to thank the Lord Savior Jesus Christ for Blessing me with another day and Supportive Family and Friends that I Love so much. Our brother Brandon was always helping people. His Heart was Solid as Solid can get. I know deep in my Heart that If the tables was turned, Brandon would definitely do the same whether it was a family member, friend, or even a stranger he just met, Exactly what he was doing that day The Lord called him home. This was Classic Brandon, this was his Nature, and thats why we fight to find #Justice4Brandon. There is so many to thank..... on Behalf of Brandon's Ohana..Here I go⚡️⚡️ Mahaloz to @thevillebarandgrill Kaiser&Hanalei @laryn_b @cassie_z_n @cypress.n.a @wil.atud @808monstah1 @digital_poi Lala @johnnahaku @pnahaku @straw_berries @islandkontrast @kamaks1 Jaret @atualoa_mc @keep_hawaii_hawaiian HANA @shey.nanigans Erin @almighty_clothing @rmleong @grumpyolfaka @theothersbcohanachapter @gorillasquad #tataumc #Supremacycc @808bomblife @tattoorich @kaheaku @audiozonedj #timelesscc @junkshopprosllc @namochated @_n2deep_69 @jboy1188 @t300y @rickrockproductions @bong_tatau @_ferocity_ @flojack808imagination #imaginationscc @peralta_tom @dezzydez_hi @suzieduzit @beegpapapump @mkaimi The Infamous Almighty Performing Team aka Brandon's Nieces and Nephews, #HPD , and Everybody that came out to the rally and to the ville. If I missed anybody, Please understand that I am getting old 😂 but Greatly Appreciate the Love and support. Much Aloha to All of you🤙🏽 ❤️💯🙏🏽🔥 We would love to see the pictures you took. Please feel free to tag #justice4brandon #OICA #ltdaddiction #fiahclique🔥 #almighty

Gifts from the midwest aircraft wizard @puro_bowtie. 61 impala??? #aircrafthydraulics #imaginationscc

Another lrm blessing.. Chicago homies reppin the sicone... thank you everybody....❤ #sic713 #siconestudios #chicagolowriders #imaginationscc

At @greenreaper64 garage taking spy pics of what's coming up with @chi_townchevy 64. #imaginationscc #lowridershit

Boy I'm I lucky to have joined a club that shows support to each other like family, their is no other club I'd rather be in than #imaginationscc. To @chi_townchevy and @plucky1991 who are not in the pic, we didn't forget about you all. @_kashyyk_ @gonzoimaginations @scott77caddyimaginations @dino84caddy and Hector. thanks to Phil @royaltyclothingcompany_ for being a great host.

Trying to get ready for the weekend, wet paint. #1941chevroletspecialdeluxe #lowridershit #wetpaint #imaginationscc

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