Whew—just finished! Now we’re ready for the weekend to start! Made with ❤️

Miss those beautiful clouds! Super excited to see our beautiful newlyweds again soon too! 😀 #imageryconcepts @spicyjello @spicyjello_bw

This is an excerpt from a teacher training video I did about #dynamicstability of the #innercore and the relationship between your #coreandfloor when we breathe.
I try to find different images and ways of explaining things to make this information easily accessible- because this isn’t a secret and everyone should know this stuff! 🎈see my water balloon post from a few days ago! 🎈
I spend a lot of time teaching people how to breathe and teaching people how to teach other people how to breathe!
It’s SO important!
•Breathing helps to activate your inner core and appropriately pressurize your “inner water balloon!”
•Breathing well also helps calm the mind and relax muscles or energize us too!
There are SO many benefits ❤️
Wanna make sure you’re doing it right? Take a couple of minutes to breathe with me in a mini tutorial included in the latest blog post #linkinbio
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#pilatesnerds #imageryconcepts
#pilatesteachertraining #prenatalpilates #postpartumpilates

Love the contrast of the “old & new” architecture of this capture—and of course our lovely & fun couple Luis & Desiree. Yup, we’re definitely spoiled! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello_bw @spicyjello

Our beautiful bride Sharon (aka Tim’s wife!). Congratulations lovebirds! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Because it’s fun to have fun on a wedding day!! Congratulations to our awesome newlyweds Luis & Desiree 😀 #imageryconcepts

Awesome couple plus cool architecture—can’t ask for more! Cheers to our newlyweds David & Jady!! 😀 #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Love quiet moments with our couples on their wedding day ❤️Congratulations to our newlyweds Luis & Desiree! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Introducing our newest newlyweds—Luis & Desiree! Thank you for being so much fun! Ps-the back of the church was our favorite too! 😉 #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

These crazy hot summer days make for amazing summer evenings! Congratulations to our newlyweds Tim & Sharon! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Today The Castaway Restaurant in San Bernardino is our home away from home! If you’re planning a wedding, come by and say “hi!” & check our their amazing view! Their bridal event is from 5-7pm 😀#imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Introducing our newlyweds, Tim & Sharon! They were recently married at Ponte Winery. Congratulations lovebirds! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Today is the big day!! Luis & Desiree are getting married! It’s going to be an awesome day!! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Simply too adorable not to share❤️#imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Today is the day!! Tim & Sharon are getting married and we’ll be there to celebrate this wonderful day with them! Congrats guys! #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Introducing our awesome groom David (aka Jady’s hubby!). #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Vianna & Billy’s dream came true exactly one year ago today! Hope you enjoyed every moment of your 1st anniversary together! Big hugs ❤️ #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

Happy 1st anniversary Erik & Christine! Can’t believe it’s already been a year since we enjoyed your fun filled day together! Snuggle lots!! ❤️ #imageryconcepts @spicyjello

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