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Daily reminder on how far I’ve come. 🚭 #imadeachoice #quitsmoking #1yearmark

Oh how I appreciate my mornings. ☺️☕️ I don’t have to rush out of the house to go to a job that I don’t like. 🚫 I don’t have to sit in traffic. 🚗💨🚫 I don’t have to deal with the “office drama.” 🚫🗣🙄 Today I GET to be here to get my boys up and ready for school. I GET to have breakfast at home. 🏡 I GET to stay in my bathrobe and enjoy my tea in peace. ☕️☺️ Why do I GET to do this? Because I decided to work on building my own business. 💥 I decided to do what others won’t do, so that I can have the life that others are not willing to have. 💥 It is easy? No, it’s not. But it’s so worth it‼️💃🏻

10 weeks. 10 weeks of dedication and taking myself seriously. Putting good nutrition in, moving my body to make it stronger, yoga, and lots of patience. I still have a long ways to go before I reap the success of reaching more goals but today is certainly a huge success. I really like myself. I guess it took me really liking me to want to take good care of me. I feel better than I ever have.
17 lbs down, and excellent cardio vascular improvements! #imadeachoice #loveyourself #noexcuses #fit #fitness #instafit #nutrition #training #keto

6 pm class completed earlier, coulda been at a bar for happy hour blowing over $150 on a Sucia. But some one hit me with a lame quote today in the AM. Which was “Move on, Leave it all, and burn it ,Light yourself on fire “ So I thought about that shit on the drive to the gym from work, and that’s exactly what happened at #CKO
It helped me light that mutha fucking bag on fire and I got baptized in sweat. Still early to enjoy the night but I was reminded that alcohol has ALOT of Calories😢. Stay away from beer and play with clear or dark liquor? #itsfridaysucias#fridayworkout#happyhour#fridayhappyhour#imadeachoice#ickotoday

I did not set out to have a vegan meal ( i was going to have leftover baked ziti and everyone knows ziti tastes better the longer it sits) but once I started looking around the kitchen, grabbing items and rolling, i found myself making a conscious choice to keep the meal going that way. Gotta say... its no baked ziti, but I dont care. It tastes amazing!! Quinoa, black beans, sautéed sweet potatoes and mushrooms, simple, filling and delicious!! #fridaynight #fridayeats #veganeats #ididntmeanto #imadeachoice #consciouschoices

Today was an amazing day. I got to get up. I got to kiss my husband. I got to go to work. I got a surprise Ningxia Red packet! I got to experience a friend gushing over her new venture! I got to see my students smile. I got to experience a set back. I had the opportunity to choose how to handle the set back. I learned today. •

Today was a great day.

#whatmadeyourdaygreat #greatday #gushingwithfriends #shewassohappy #friends #husband #gottoseemystudents #learnedtoday #opportunity #ningxiared #teaching #frustrated #setbackshappen #imadeachoice #thepowertochoose #youcanchoose #todaywasagreatday

Shifting the way we explain life. Adjust the idea. You dont need and excuse trust in yourself knowing you made a choice. Good or bad embrace choice over excuse.

Grazie @d1milano Siete sinonimo di precisione ed eleganza così come i vostri orologi #d1milano #imadeachoice

Simple lunch! Turkey & cheese sandwich , chips & fruit. Salty I had a faulty bag of popcorn , I was looking forward to! #lifestylechange #lessguttmorebutt #imadeachoice #fitmom #fitnessjourney #healthyeats

Chicken ceasar flatbread along with chips for lunch! #lifestylechange #healthyeats #imadeachoice #fitmom #fitnessjourney #healthiswealth

Good morning thank God! Bran flakes & lemon water for breakfast. Have a blessed day 😘! #lifestylechange #lessguttmorebutt #imadeachoice #fitmom #fitnessjourney #healthyeats #healthynotskinny

How I'm ending my night! Today was great! Have a blessed night 😘! #lifestylechange #lessguttmorebutt #imadeachoice #fitnessplanner #thickbutfit #healthiswealth #imadeachoice

I’m sitting here (sore) and reflecting on how I’m almost HALF WAY through this AMAZING program and I couldn’t be more proud of myself (and my challengers)🎉🤘🏻
I’ve pushed play for 37 days straight🙀 Before this program I embodied the “fit-ish” lifestyle. I maybe worked out 3-4 times a week if I was lucky and ordered pizza every Friday🍕I’m 27 and lived paycheck to paycheck, yet I would half-kid about paying for lipo to get rid of the bulge... Now, that’s a problem—I’m 27 with no children and had no reason to be so unhappy with myself that I would go under the knife to fix myself💉🔪 I was only doing the “fit-ish” persona because I didn’t know what I was missing out on...
Thankfully, I reached out to my now coach and experienced the highs and lows of change, but eventually developed healthy habits of fitness, nutrition, and self-love💞 I invested in myself and figured out a way to make it work even with my crazy, hectic, busy-season Accounting job
I love that this healthy lifestyle isn’t a quick fix or some super pill—it’s hard work and dedication, which can/will last beyond April 15🏋🏻‍♀️💸
#imadeachoice #itsworking #lifestylenotdiet #journeythroughobsession #imbusytoo #accountant #dogmomma #forkath #losetolive

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