I got the reissued Kids in the Hall box set.... I was young when it came on but it had such an impact on me. Also: I adore both their outfits. #kidsinthehall #imabooster

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ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICTURES THAT I TOOK OF MY BROTHER'S #keithelam G.U.R.U & #kevinmorrison BOOSTIN KEV OUT IN CALI 7.96 ONE OF THE UHD MIA'S I'M BLESSED TO HAVE Y'ALL AS FRIENDS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN I CELEBRATE Y'ALL LIFE'S GOD BLESS THE DEAD " SHIT it ain't NO holding back I gotta go ALL OUT to get MINE a tech NINE might come in handy for the next TIME I'M frustrated CHUMPS are making ME MAD don't seem to understand that I'M just that BAD too GOLD too BOLD too FLY for THEM to STOP the MAN to RESPECT cause I'M ripping up BLOCKS I gotta get the DOE gotta RUN the SHOW I'm flipping like a kilo stash a million or SO go for what you feel and deal with THIS cause I'm DANGEROUS I come REAL with THIS and PACKING and STRAPPING it goes along with the RAPPING by any means NECESSARY you could get BURIED I may come with a SMILE but I been known to get crazy WILD so when YOU scheme YO I scheme too and I'VE BEEN out HERE and yes I'VE seen YOU I know your FACE I know your NAME and ALL your PEOPLE KID I GOT mad CONNECTIONS so won't do a bid I'M MAKING MOVES AND NEVER FAKING CAUSE THE LOOT IS FOR THE TAKIN! - It's CONSPIRACY you HEARIN ME that's why I get LOVE and still got other's FEARING ME you NEVER know who's next to BLOW and since it's ME I'ma stash ME some extra DOUGH got extra FLOW chicks give ME sex and DOE need I mention P.I. player let me KNOW I'm down with THIS I founded THIS so YOU SHOULD RECOGNIZE the true authentic sound of THIS the golden VOICE holding TOYS but not PLAYING GURU and PREEM we like the GOLDEN BOY'S the CHAIN and STAR I'm angry PA cause you fuks ain't want to giving US what WE aiming FOR YOU stupid SON I shoot my GUN from the HEART fool YOU know that's we're this MUSIC FROM protect your DOME RESPECT the THRONE this is GURU & PREMIER @djpremier @archlo1977 #ripguru #ripboostinkev #rudylochronicles #trendsetter #historymaker #lolifes #lolife #universallolifes #rorolife #4realdoe #brickface #mias #lizzybag #gangstarr #hiphop #imabooster

New hat 🐻 #polobear #ralphlauren

I was n a wing mood and Ima serial dipper we have ranch , blue cheese , Bbq , teriyaki , buffalo And garlic buffalo #yupistolethemcontainersfromrestaurants #imabooster #ihaveadippingproblem

Like seriously...if you haven't place your order for Boost, this needs to happen not now...but RIGHT now!

Http://mmacon.le-vel.com #WowWowWow #ImABooster #TastesAmazing

Stalling my payment πŸ˜‘πŸ˜©πŸ‘ŽπŸ’° πŸš” #dontwanttopay #poorlife #stupidfines #imabooster #girlracer #hahaha #ermergurrd

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