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Thanks cuz for getting me right by the head#SHESABEAUTY#IMABEAUTY#KEYSOFBEAUTY.COM

Mitad de semana 💋 #imabeauty #girlpower #costarica #crgirl

Been a solid 18 months but it was time for the flow to go. Donated my hair to charity and it feels great. Starting 2017 off the right way. #imabeauty

Same pic as last time but I'm in a poncho and MLSB just hit 100 kegs #sendmealike #imabeauty

My weekend is all booked #belleofthishouse #imabeauty #disney


this is a Day of Rest so can u just let it be, meowm! ➡️#beeninhereallday #sinkbed #imabeauty #blackcat

El Dia de ayer se cumplio un reto que me hice el poner mi cuerpo en transformacion aunque me falta mucho mas por lograr, estas 12 semanas me ayudaron a sentirme mejor fisica, mental y emocional. Y las siguientes fotos fueron una de mis mejores experiencias, ser tratada como una modelo, gracias a cada uno de los que hicieron esto posible.. #iloveherbalife #imabeauty #ilovemyself #nutrition #fitness #goodresults

Todays chanel:chanel the cutie#imabeauty

Happy 3 months to me! This last month is much more relaxing than my month before. No weddings but I went to my first baby shower for baby romeo. We go to boulevard often and went to sibly/sleeping giant. I also let mommy and papa go out for dinner but only because it was aunty jessys birthday. I still got my out of town visitors. I had my Costa cousins from Calgary visit me and my aunty Mandi from Iowa. Papa spoiled mommy and I with a chariot to go for future bike rides but for now some jogs to start. He also bought us roses just because he loves us. I still get lots of sleep. This last month I slept anywhere from 5 to 9 hours throughout the night but my average is 7 hours. So far being on the outside world is fun. I've gone to a baby massage class and baby salsa which I also slept through. There's lots to see and learn. I'm fascinated with my hands right now I'm either looking at them or trying to eat them. Also thank you Cristina and Natalia for this dress. It's one of mommys favorites but last time she wanted to get a picture of me in it, I peed on it. As for my furry brother he still won't go too close to me but nobody better be holding me if I'm crying, cause he'll try to bite your toes thinking that you're hurting me so I think he loves me too. Can't wait to see what aug has for me @cri614 @lavsromeo @jessykantola @fiorellalc29 @age_man570 #davina #spoiled #mybff #mylife #mylove #nofilterneeded #3months #3monthsandcounting #familylove #imabeauty #loveofmylife

Todays Chanel:chanel the beauty #imabeauty #beautyandthebeast

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