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Happy 2nd BarkDay to me!! Woof! Mama got me the BEST CAKE from my favorite bakery @pawpatchpastries !!! Thank you so much Carla for making me this awesome #barkdaycake !! 🎂 It was delicious! Pig and I inhaled it 🤪 And thank you so much for my birthday presents! You’re the best! 😘💖 #HappyBirthdayToMe #Im2now 🎉 #pigandcookie_thechugs

My birthday wish is to have sweet potato cake everyday!! #im2now #italiangreyhound #italiangreyhoundsofinstagram #kleotheig

Happy Birthday to my favorite human 🎂🎈🎉 💕
#lovecarters #favoritehuman #birthdayboy #im2now

Hi guys! I had an account before.. my owner forgot the password, so we had to make a new account. I hope you all follow me again 😊

Also yesterday I turned 2!!! #im2now #frenchiebirthday #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #frenchiesoverload #frenchiesociety #frenchiestyle

🎈Happy Birfday to me....happy birfday to me.....happy birfday to meeeee.....happy birfday to meeeee! 🎈#terribletwos #im2now #happybirthdaytome #happybirthday #walterwhite #itwasntasnake #sardines #blueberries #raspberries #mince

what i did all day yesterday #im2now

I got a new bed for my birthday and I fit just right! 🎁🎁🎁 #im2now #bigboy

When this little girl says I wanna cuddle. We cuddle. #daddysgirl #daddyslittlegirl #im2now

This is only a small portion of what buying a puppy from a petstore may look like. I was sold sick at 10 weeks old from a local Petland, that claimed I was healthy. (They also claimed I was a girl when the employee first brought me out to meet my parents. I am a boy.) They stated that I was just a mellow puppy. At first it was kennel cough that went untreated in their facility, that turned into a deadly case of pneumonia. Less than a day after bringing me home, my mommy and daddy knew something was very wrong. So on gut instinct they took me to the vet office to be looked at. The Vets confirmed that my illness had been going on for quite some time to get to the point that it was where it was at, the illness caused my second round of shots to be pushed off because I was being pumped full of antibiotics, which the vet said would not mix well with the parvo shot. About a short time after that vet visit my parents rushed me to the emergency vet one night. I was throwing up all over the carpet, and crying. At the emergency vet, they confirmed to my parents that I had contracted parvo. During this time I was still fighting my battle with the pneumonia, but now I had to fight two battles at once. I was kept overnight and given medication, and then sent back home with more antibiotics. Luckily I pulled through, but soon it was time for another vet check up to confirm that I was healthy again, but sadly the vet had bad news. My parents found out that the antibiotics that I was taking before I got sick with parvo was not working to treat the pneumonia, when they did x-rays the vet could not see the outline of my heart. The vet told my parents that I had a 50-50 chance, and I was given even more antibiotics. By the grace of God I pulled through, but a few months down the road I was getting skin conditions that required antibiotics and I easily contracted Giardia which also required antibiotics oh, and then I got a staph infection which also required more antibiotics. And the vet confirmed that because of my rough start it was easier for me to contract illnesses because of my immune system. #adoptDontshop #doglife #im2now #andhealthy

Steppin’ out tonight #bdayflow#im2now 🎉🎈

It’s still my birthday!!! Because dad say’s so. #im2now #vivianeelysse #elysseislove #unicahija

A chair for the Queen 🐝 Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 2 yrs old 🎂🎈🎉 I know, let’s have a big party tonight!!! 🙊#happynewyear #myday❤️ #im2now #newyearsevebaby #frenchies #frenchbulldog #frenchie #frenchiesofinstagram #dogs #pets #birthday

I think its perfect!!! Yes, im 2 years old today!!! Spreading love and good vibes y’all!!! My name is Viviane Elysse. 😘 #happybirthday #im2now

Birthday wishes nugget! Love you! #im2now #son #birthday #family #love

First horse ride # #vincentroberts #im2now

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