14 days since my trigger shot.... guess im not pregnant. It's heart breaking only seeing one line instead of two. Just once I wish I would get the chance to see two lines. I guess we will try again this month with letrozole and the ovridrel shot. If this doesn't work I go back to my OB and see if he wants to possibly up my dose or see about other options. #sadday #nobaby #notpregnant #negativetest #posttriggershot #triggershot #ovidrelinjection #ovridrel #letrozolecycle #letrozole #babymakingintheworks #im1in8 #fertilitymeds #fertility #fertilitytreatments #thisisinfertility #thisismystory #myjourney #fertilityjourney

#im1in8 and #im1in4 the pain is more then just physical. Pregnancy should never be an April fools joke.

I’m proud to be a part of the Infertility Family. Its not something I wish on anyone, I’d prefer no one to have to feel inadequate. I’m happy to speak my mind, answer questions and talk about my experiences. I’m happy to be someone people can come to, talk to, grieve with, and confide in. People say I’m strong, they look up to me, and they’re proud of me. I’m grateful for that. However, anyone walking through the path of infertility is all of those things, people who silently struggle are just as strong and should be just as proud. Infertility is not fun, it sucks and most people don’t understand the emotions. Find a group, a person, a friend. Find someone who understands and follow them. I can’t wait to get my wine glasses from @pkvprint 😍 I ordered a few to share!!! She’s a person to look up to and follow! So F*ck Infertility!!! #fuckinfertility #pkvprint #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilityjourney #infertilityawareness #im1in8 #1in8 #ttc #ttccommunity #strugglingbabymaker #runninginfertile

Side by side
10•23•2016 to 10•23•2017

Today is a day of comfort, crocheting, and our next round of fertility treatments. Thank you @LuLaRoe for helping us to take the time and opportunity to move forward with this big goal of ours!
#biggoals #bigdreams #im1in8 #infertilityjourney #crochet #lularoekatyhanenberger

Learning to just trust this journey. Like Many things I've gone through in life, you can't see the reason of why it's happening until your passed the pain. #ivfjourney #ivf #ivfboston #im1in8 #trustinthejourney #quotestoliveby

Its funny and ironic that they have you start the Ivf process with non other than birth control pills. Here we go again!! #round3 #ivfjourney #ivf #infertility #fertility #birthcontrol #resolve #im1in8

So It appears I'm transitioning into cd1 now surely if you've ever been ttc you know this means but for those who dont..it means another unsuccessful cycle. Now I have 2 options...let it destroy me like I have in the past or as my socks reminded me today I can think positive the harder I work on self care the closer we get each cycle... so better luck next time for us but cheers to continuing on the path of least resistance.."if you get the choice to sit it out or dance...i hope you dance ◇" @canys_oldlady thanks again for my socks they save my soul on the hard days you are a gem ♡ #im1in8 #infertility #infertilitysucks #wewillhaveababy #justasonpartyof3please #waitingforourrainbow #babymaybe? #betterlucknexttime

Love my acupuncture appointments. I always feel relaxed afterwards. It also gives me an excuse to take sometime for myself and just let it all go. #acupuncture #iui #infertilitysucks #im1in8 #infertility #iuijourney #ttc #txt community #selfcare #needles #alternativemedicine

Well, I epically failed for week 14 but I have a good excuse and that was because I was busy traveling for the Bucklen Wedding!
We had a great time and I plan to use a picture of me from the wedding to fulfill Week 14's spot!
Pregnancy brain has been so real and I even forgot to take a picture with my husband at the wedding while we both were dressed up and looked amazing! Let's be real and just say this baby had mama's feet swollen to the max and was making me feel sick! Despite all that we had a great time and I can't wait to show Baby Bolner pictures of their Aunt Grace and Uncle Zack's wedding!
Now we are onto Week 15 and whoever said the sickness gets better in the second trimester is a LIAR. Let's make that known! Haha! But I have never been so thankful to throw up in my life. I've been feeling flutters and have been having some really bad back /sciatica related pain but other than that I've been doing great! Doctor's all say everything is going good and he or she is growing like they should.

Also, Baby Bolner's daddy has been doing a great job with being attentive and helping me with whatever I need. I couldn't have been blessed with a better man. Can't wait til he gets to hold the baby for the first time. ☺

Now if someone would like to volunteer to get me Maryland Blue Crabs for the rest of my pregnancy, I'm down! I can't wait to get my hands on some as I've been craving them SOOOOO BAD. This kid is definitely going to be a Maryland baby but a WVU fan! 😉

So there's the bump date for those who have asked! See y'all next week!

#bucklenwedding #babybolner #15weeks #ivfbaby #im1in8 #ivf #ivfsuccess #ivfjourney #ivfpregnancy #ivfmiracle #ivfbabies #ivfwarrior #lovedalittleextra

So glad to be over all of the shots I had to give myself in the stomach and the horrible progesterone in Oil shots Lee had to give me in the butt.
But I'd do it all over again because being pregnant with this little miracle babe is a dream come true and getting them here was not easy but extremely worth it.
#ivfpregnancy #ivfbaby #ivf #rainbowbaby #miscarriageawareness #im1in8 #niaw #shots #pioshots #gonalf #menopur #ganirelix #lupron #ovidrel #ivfwarrior #chronicillness #warriormama #thebolners #thebolnerfamily #babybolner

Yeah, I figured I should hop on here! I know how it feels to be 1 in 8! #im1in8 #infertility #secondaryinfertility

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week and #tbt, I want to share our 9 week ultrasound. It's one of the few, if not the only, advantages of fertility treatments, besides a beautiful baby... is you get to see your baby grow from a microscopic ball of cells, to an embryo, to a fetus. I was 9 weeks, 2 days at this ultrasound. I was so full of fear, yet so full of hope. Lydia was about an inch long and the size of a bean or olive.

Now, that we are on the other side of infertility, the side we get to hold our sweet girl... smell her sweet smells... hear her sweet baby sounds... experience a love like no other... it's easier to share things like this, because back on September 1st, I was so afraid that that sweet heartbeat would go away. I prayed so hard for her to stay with us, and God answered... and I am forever grateful.

If you are on the other side of infertility... the side where your soul is/was shattered by one more negative pregnancy test... a failed IUI and/or IVF cycle... a miscarriage... know you are not alone. Know that there are so many of us who have been there. Know your time is coming. Stay hungry for your dream... stay hopeful... stay faithful... #niaw #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek #im1in8 #1in8 #oneineight #listenup #iwillnotbesilent #miraclesdohappen

It's National Infertility Awareness Week and I've been reading all the heart and soul posts from many of the women I've met on this journey to motherhood. I've been thinking about what I want to share, usually writing comes easily for me, but this circle of women that I've been fortunate enough to "meet" in the Instagram world have already said everything. I realized from reading all of their posts that we all experience the exact same fears and worries. We are all connected with this bond of struggle. And for the women that made it to the other side, the ones that have that missing piece of their heart filled and their baby in their arms, we all experience this insanely intense sense of gratitude and amazement. Infertility will test the soul. It will bring strong women down to their knees with hot tears burning their face. Infertility will put strains on marriages and friendships. Infertility is hard, very very hard, and I'm thankful for this community and for this week, where we can all share a little piece of our soul in hopes that it'll help someone else. Last year, during this week, I read posts from the women that had made it to the other side. The women with their babies. I read their posts and my world would feel full of hope. I knew that I wasn't alone in the struggle and that my feelings of fear and worry were normal. I hope that each of us that share our stories will do the same for the couples that are (cont. in comments)... #niaw #nationalinfertilityawarenessweek

I can't believe it! I'm so excited, thank you Resolve for giving us a chance and letting our voices be heard! #babybo #believingforourblessing #babymakingisnteasy #mamaatheart #im1in8 #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #infertilityawareness #ttccouple #ttcjourney #ttccommunity

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