You are so beautiful my mini ❤ I cant believe in just 10 days you will be 2 years old! I love you

Bad quality because I used night mode but omg she’s my life 😭😩 #iloveyousomuch #veramadison

Assalamualaikum, semangaat pagi. Gimana kabarnyaa teman-teman? Hari kamis, hari yang semangat bukan!. Jangan lupa bawa air minumnya yaa, biar ngga dehidrasi dan bisa fokus beraktifitas,
bagi yang berpuasa, semangaat puasanyaa ya, tetep dibawa botol minumnya, biar nanti kalau pulang kerja, sekolah atau lagi kejebak macet dijalan, bisa langsung siap2 untuk berbuka 🤗.
Wish you were happy today.
With love,
In frame @tehdinaa

A tiny chihuahua was turned over to Blind Dog Rescue. His former owner neglected him for years, and he was barely fed or watered. He weighed 3 - 4 pounds and his nails were curling into his feet. He went into a wonderful foster home, gained weight, had surgery to remove several rotten teeth, and then additional surgery to remove his left eye due to an infection that was never treated. Something tore in Debbie’s heart, hearing about CC . I knew from CC's shelter foster that he was still learning to trust, and that he preferred women to men, but underneath, he was a loving and gentle little fellow. Debbie and CC’s first few days together were stressful. CC didn't want Debbie near him. If Debbie reached for him or talked to him, he growled and lunged. He wouldn't eat if she was near, but he did let her put food in his crate. After several days, CC began to settle in, and as his temporary foster mom had always said, a lovely little boy was hidden underneath. Quite the character! CC loved to bury himself under blankets, and worked very hard until he tucked in just right. He adored having his belly rubbed. He was quite the watchdog, alerting Debbie to any sight or sound that wasn’t normal. He even barked from under his blankets!
CC was very affectionate, and would sleep on Debbie’s lap for hours while she worked or read. One of his favorite things to do was howl. Singing with Youtube was his specialty. And he loved to give kisses.
CC was frightened of thunderstorms, and they would cuddle together during each storm, giving comfort to each other. CC closely bonded with Claire, also a chihuahua, a former hoarder victim and Blind Dog Rescue Alliance forever foster. Claire let her opinion be known and Debbie adopted CC, never looking back. Debbie couldn't ever imagine her home without her pair of Chihuahuas.
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I flew to Detroit to see Bruno Mars concert by my self❤️😋

I wish HOOLIGANS could see my messages from the stage🇯🇵💕

He is the Sexiest man in the world 💜

Bruno のコンサート見るだけのために
1泊2日 1人でデトロイト行ってきました!





My trip was only for him😇
First time to be Detroit.
Omg It was super close😭

Bruno のためだけの一人旅☺️
ダウンタウンにはいけませんでした😞😞 ウーバーの運転手さんはとってもいい人だったなぁ。




I was a good boy getting my haircut the other day so Dad got me a vanilla cone...I love vanilla cones!!! #goodboy #goldendoods #hangingwithdad #icecream #vanilla #treat #goldenretriever #poodle #doodlesofinstagram #goldendoodlepuppies #9months #iloveyousomuch

A pocas horas de recibir mi sopresa gracias por darte un tiempo para mi 😍

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