Christina Aguilera is amazing and I love her music so much (ignore my double chin 😂 I was just practicing) #christinaaguilera @xtina #iloveyouchristina #iturntoyou #practicemakesperfect

Hey Noah, you remind me of a little gremlin :) when I was six years old I met another little gremlin named Christina. This is your auntie! I feel in order to really know me well, You should really get to know her :) She has been one of the biggest influences on my life ! She taught me that some people are born with genius talent. Her area of genius is soccer. @xtinamurillo10 at an early age could juggle the ball from daylight to dusk with out missing a beat. I imagine this is what Mozart was like lol. Christina plays a symphony that I want to listen to forever. I love her with all my heart and she continues to play her music loud and proud! #don'tfeedthemafter12#dontleaveyourmusicinside#proudestbrotherever#Iloveyouchristina#IloveyouNoah#dreamcometrue

2 years. It’s crazy how bad I still miss you. Feels like it was just yesterday. I’ll always love and support, Christina. You have all my heart. ~
#teamgrimmie #christinagrimmie #imissyou #iloveyouchristina

i discovered Christina in 2017 and i couldn’t be more thankful. she has made me laugh hysterically during my lows. she’s helped me so much in.. well, everything. life is so stressful at times but i know you’ll get through this because that’s just the queen you are. i’m so grateful for you Christina, you’ll never know♥️
#iappreciatechristina @beautychickee #beautychickee #chickee #iloveyouchristina #christinamarie #christinaharris

Made one more video for her 💚 I love her so much 💚 too much even god won't understand my love for her 💚 I really want to hug her ! So lucky to those who met her and hug her and take selfie with her 😕 I also want to that ! This generation I was too late but next generation I want to be her Best Friend! Her guardian 💚 #cgforever #christinagrimmie #cgwontbeinvisible #iwontbeinvisible #teamgrimmie #iloveyouchristina

I just can't act right around some nice titties #MILFCLUB #imalreadydrunk #iloveyouchristina #spankdatass

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