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Father: I see you growing up my boi
Son: yep
Father: always remember you give power to what you entertain
Son: what does that mean dad?
Father : If you focus on what people say, you give it life and room to grow
Son: like a plant dad
Father : yeaaaaa like that
Son: oh ok , so what do I do
Father: let them talk, say less, it comes with greatness. Let your actions speak for you. Focus on your vision, focus on Precision.

@gu_dinosaur Thank you for hanging out with me today 💖 You've always inspired me to be who I am as you strive to be who you are. We are the same in such a way that we don't care about what others feel about us. Yes it hurts sometimes but the pain is temporary and it's a part of the process to make us stronger than we are now. You are so fucking strong, original and fearless. When I saw that in you I saw that in myself. Part of why I started dancing. You encouraged me to strive to be who I am without you even knowing it. You will forever be my inspiration and my best friend and one and only favorite sibling. Your nothing but the best, never let anyone get you down they ain't worth shit my little love. I'm thankful to have spent today with you. #iloveyouboi

Dicium ayah athaya mah biasa ...
Dicium Athaya itu luar biasa
Apalagi pas mau berangkat kerja ... #iloveyouboi

Still one of the best days in my life lol I can only imagine how ima be when I meet cb #teamavlmkr @comptonassav #iloveyouboi

LMC#shit #bkintheday first verse I let my boi DAbuss hear in high school #iloveyouboi #imissyou

Lol just sitting here at work reminiscing the good times we had, outside sitting under the tree or car porch jtfo about something. No matter how old or big I got it was always “ Waddup lil Buddy😂😂😂. Before we end a convo you always hit me with that.. it’s life;shit happens and that shit always stuck with me... Boi I miss you nigga.
#smithstreetlegend #bigbrother #iloveyouboi #😇🙏🏿 #TIPRocco

Coolest Kid i Know...❤💙 #iloveyouboi #lifecanbethissimple

Says: HAPPY JUSTO DAY!! Happy BIRTHDAY to my #UNIVERSALBROTHER (Go anywhere in the world with my brother and remains the same!!) w/ @rozay_rojo_ #✊🏾 I'm proud of the man, father and brother you've become, KING!! Thanks for lending me your heart when mine wasn't working and its lowest (I was on my Tin-Man shhh from Wizard of OZ.) and you helped me bounce back on GOD!! We agree, disagree get fly and argue but, laughter out ways all that shhh!! In life you don't meet people whom are #Wealthy within thanks for being a real one!! #ZINAMCQUEEN #GODBLESS #FREELUCK #MiHermano #BBM #MTB #✝️❤️ (Sb: You still look African #WestGhana in the face a** negro 😂😂😩) #ILOVEYOUBOI #4Life

My little Hamma #kash #iloveyouboi


'Do you ever look at someone and just pray to god you never have to lose them.' 👫💖 #iloveyouboi

I just wanna give my man and shout out for being the most amazing boyfriend a girl can ask for. You are genuinely the most amazing man I have ever met in my life. I am so thankful to have met you and so blessed that I got to fall in love with my bestfriend. Thank you Randy for always being there and always supporting me with everything j do. I love you so much Ran! ❤️ #awkwardthrowbacks #iloveyouboi

HOW THE HELL YOU LOOKED SO FREAKIN' GORG?! OMAAAAYGAAAHHH 😍😍😍 #iloveyouboi #omg #whyareyoulikethat

It's days like this. That make remind me giving up ain't a option #iloveyouboi


22 years ago today, the funniest, most charming, intelligent, steadfast, hardworking, and handsome man I know was born.... & for another birthday I'm lucky enough to call him mine. I hope you know how truly special you are, not just to me, but to everyone who's fortunate enough to really know you. Thank you for unconditionally loving every bit of me. Thank you for everything you've done and sacrificed for me. Thank you for all the laughs as well as all the lessons. Happy Birthday honey-baby, Here's to the next year full of happiness and prosperity!! 💛 #iloveyouboi

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