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После тренировки снова рисуем тренировку 😂это либо любовь или болезнь или два в одном 😂#rythmicgymnasticmylove #l #ilovetodraw

I remember the day I drew this. I was waiting to have my eyebrows threaded. I was in between visits to the hospital to see Matt's grandma Louise. We were there every day for weeks, maybe a month. She died soon after at age 99. This sentiment - and this image of it- inspired by Louise- never loses its punch for me, now, remembering the context. I actually find it clarifying and motivating now. 🌻

Here's a little quick draw in my new art journal! ❤️💛❤️💛 #ilovetodraw #lovedrawing #drawing

Thanks Chanel for the blackboard drawing! #redentas #yogainthegarden #ilovetodraw

І чи є тому значення, що квіти в мене взимку цвітуть?! #myinspiration 🌸 #ilovetodraw

Puppet Show for #365doodlesmitjohanna


Sometimes I get really into my meeting doodles. #ilovetodraw

What a busy weekend. I had full swing with my creativity. So lovely to be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility in the studio. Had a great weekend. Tried out children's portrait painting with @philinevandervegte and other talented artists. Felt great. 8 minutes each time, time is ticking. I need to work faster and be more decisive. And I need the skills to be able to work better. I am still pushing myself to learn more.

For @risedesignandshine #foliofocus week 7 we played with abstracts. I had fun playing with ink and brushes and leaves and more. I'm happy with the final patterns, will definitely work more on them soon.
Now it's over to faces. I'm excited and scared.

#illustration #surfacepatterndesign #ilovetodraw #ilovetomakestuff

Puppet Show for #365doodlesmitjohanna

15 minutes of drawing. Still getting used to not having a workspace. But my daughter's creativity has not been stumped. She started to write a book named "the magic bird". Here my interpretation of her title. #15minutesofdrawing #drawing #drawingaday #dailydrawing #dailydoodle #doodle #ilovetodraw #illustration #sketch #sketchbook #brisbane #themagicbird #birdsofinstagram

Finally finished this drawing of Angela as a high school girl. Plus as you can see, she has her short hair. Don't worry, she'll still have her long hair.
I know for some people, tomorrow is the end of spring break. I know, having the break end really sucks. Just remember that you can persevere through anything! And remember that there are people who love you!

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