So this is an old video that I took the Moment @taylorswift won her trial. I was completely just overcome with emotion and so proud of her and just so happy that she had won her battle against her monster. #taylorswift #swifties #ifamantalksshittheniowehimnothing #ilovetaylorswift #swiftiefamily #swifiteforlife

Oh, look what you made me do! Me with my #randomdancing everytime I hear #taylorswift or #reputation in public She's so relatable 🤗😊❤

Sorry I've been inactive for a while. But I saw Taylor on BBMAs and I was crying. Girl, i need to thank you before you thank us for understanding and being there, forever and always! Here's one of my favorite moments from that night 🤗😍💖 i love seeing Taylor winning awards and having fun with friends again 💞🎉

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