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Isn't it beautiful that you can put stamps on parcels, not just a boring sticker?😻 I absolutely love this crazy abundance of colors on the parcel dear Junko sent me 🍓 #incoming

🦄 ❤️- #ilovesnailmail

Sometimes adventures can look wild and reckless. Packing your quickest carry-on to jet-set, last-minute to a far-off destination; hurling yourself up rugged cliffs with a 70 pound backpack in temperatures so hot your fingers turn to sausages; they can be jumping into glacial-gatorade-blue-waters so cold that your breath catches or taking a 3 hour drive to the nearest White Castle in the middle of the night with your two best friends because…while you never saw the movie, it sounded like a fun idea. They can look like trying your hand at a new language or leaving a place you’ve always known for the first (or last) time. Jumping out of a plane or down a zipline or off of a cliff or into a cage to swim with sharks. Driving fast. But sometimes. Some adventures can be a bit quieter. Sound a bit more simple. Be a bit more humble. Instead of taking off, they can look standing still, like planting your feet firmly somewhere for the first time in your life. The jump is a tad more subtle. Putting your big girl pants on in order to decide, again and again, to go for the thing that makes you happiest and not the one that feels the most comfortable. Adventure can be in the weight of the placcard of a new job, of the t-shirt they send you in the mail when you pay off your final student loan, of a baby in your arms after you’ve been trying for years, or a ring on your finger or of a metallically-cold, freshly cut key pressed firmly in the palm of your hand. Perhaps it’s just that I'm in the season of my life where I want so much to cheer for my friends and family (and people I don’t even know) to make the decisions, the weird-tough-life-altering decisions, to do the things they think they cannot do or go for the things they think they cannot get or try the thing they've always wanted to try that they want more than anything. And these adventures, yes, are slightly less insta-gramy--they don't quite take place in the best of lighting, or cannot be captured with just the right filter--but they are no less BIG. No less brave. No less heart-catching, breath holding, slightly panic-inducing, thrilling adventures. #Home #HelpMeMove #SendMeYourAddress #ILoveSnailMail

When you get a post card from your bff!!!! #terrifictuesday #ilovesnailmail @kelliekristin 😌👭🐌✉️📬📝💛

Thanks so much dear friends!!! 💕💕 📭📭#postallove #gfpostallove #ilovesnailmail #ilovepostcards

It's never too early for Christmas ornaments. #greysoncolestevens #etsy #ilovesnailmail


Happy #incoming mail from the sweetest Katie🎏 thank you so much dear for this lovely birthday parcel and long hearty letter! 😍 loved it all to pieces! 🍓 I'll be replying to it asap🏵️

Isn't it beautiful that you can put stamps on parcels, not just a boring sticker?😻 I absolutely love this crazy abundance of colors on the parcel dear Junko sent me 🍓 #incoming

Happy Monday! We spent this morning packaging our #happymail! Thank you for all the support from all of you!

One pretty #outgoing mail here ♥️ can't wait to prepare and send out more! 🎏🍓 hope every one of you, lovely people, is having a beautiful day 💕 today and always 🌸

Mistä te suomalaiset, jotka tykkäätte kirjoitella kirjeitä, päiväkirjaa tai muuta omaa juttua, ostatte kynänne? Tämän Faber-Castellin kynä on ihan paras! Liukuu paperilla, ei päästä paperin läpi. Harmikseni en vain muista yhtään, mistä olen sen ostanut, enkä löydä sitä enää edes verkosta. Mikä kynä on susta paras, ja mistä niitä saa? :) // Do you have an access to this pen? I would love to make a swap! (Faber-Castell vision 1475)
#paraskynä #lookingfor #myfavourite #penpalling #fabercastell #writing #iloveletters #swapping #ilovesnailmail #stationerylove #pens

🦄 ❤️- #ilovesnailmail

Nice catch today!!! I love my sundays! 💕💕📭📭. Thanks so much dear friends!!! #iconsoftheworld #postcardhouse #ilovepostcards #ilovesnailmail

Thanks so much dear friends!!! 💕💕 📭📭#postallove #gfpostallove #ilovesnailmail #ilovepostcards

Another glorious mail day! I’m gonna go through withdrawals tomorrow! 🤣 Received the awesome package of paper goodies that I won from @birchwood_mail So cute & I can’t wait to open all the little envelopes & play with everything! 2nd photo is all the large papers & some super cute number tickets that she stamped on. Thanks so much Nikki! 3rd photo is postcards & a pen pal letter. Totally spoiled I am! 💌
#incoming #mailart #snailmail #snailmailart #giveaway #postcards #postcrosser #postcrossing #penpals #penfriends #penfriendship #instapals #instafriends #instafriendship #snailmailaddict #ilovesnailmail #thankyou #blessed

Today I received this little gem as a surprise in my mail box- Loyalty Essential Oil! This blend was specially formulated by Gary Young to give to each loyal customer after being on the Essential Rewards (monthly wellness box) for a year. So not only do I get safe, toxin free products to use on my body and in my home each month delivered right to my door, I also get free products AND 20% back to use toward future purchases #winwin! Tell me, what other business sends you free goods at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months as a thank you for being a loyal customer, gives you 20% back and free goods each month?!?! #iloveyoungliving

How do you know you picked the right wedding photographer? When she clearly values snail mail as much as you do! 💌 Thank you @charissaphoto for the special mail! #letthecountdownbegin #20days #goinggiragosian #californialove #californiaweddingphotographer #cantwait #hadmyfirstweddingnightmare #rightontime #letsdothis #futuremrsGiragosian #wifestatus #ilovesnailmail #therescoffeeinside

Wow what an amazing day for happy mail yesterday was! Received an awesome handmade book filled with all kinds of goodies, postcards from Germany 🇩🇪 & the Czech Republic 🇨🇿, my New Years postcard order from @rippels_paperlover Etsy shop, love them so much & a reply from a woman in France that I wrote to as part of #incowrimo2017. She told me that she just received my letter dated Feb 24th!!! Good thing the postal gods were watching over because she used a magazine page for the envelope & 2 of 4 sides were open! I’ve learned from that myself 😜 She wrote her letter on 4 French postcards, love it! 💌
#happymail #mailart #snailmail #snailmailart #incoming #penpals #penfriends #penfriendship #penpalsaroundtheworld #instapals #instafriends #instafriendship #postcards #postcrosser #postcrossing #snailmailaddict #ilovesnailmail

Happy #outgoing mail from this sunny morning ❤

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