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HUGE congrats to #run4prs Athlete Cheng who CRUSHED the San Fran Half this morning setting a 13 min PR! When we first started working together in January her 5k PR pace was 11:35 per mile! Just 6 months later she's running half marathons at 25+ seconds per mile FASTER! YES girl! Trusting the process & putting in the work!
👉🏼Dec 2016- 2:41 half
👉🏼 Feb 2017- 2:39 half
👉🏼Jul 2017- 2:26 half!!
Congrats on the PR! Can't wait to see what's next 🙌🏻🏃‍♀️👍🏼

#füssen 😍You've been emotional. ❤️ •••••
That was the most beautiful #marathon I have ever run. #42k of pure fun and a landscape like heaven! I'll never forget this one #ohsweetmemorys and I definitely will be back! Thank you to the whole team organising this perfect marathon, to all the helpers and all the people cheering so lovely for every single runner. And thanks to all my fellow #runners running the #romantikmarathon. It was my 5th marathon and I never met so many openminded and sweet runners. There was no competition at all. I had a little chat with mostly everyone I passed or that passed me! So much love! And once again thanks to my legs for being the best! 😘
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I've been running all over this world🌎 to follow my heart❤️and run with my favourite Chilean ultra girl and #bestpartnerever @frangibar. . . I've run with her in Italy🇮🇹, the US🇱🇷, Spain🇪🇸, the Canary Islands, and of course, the mountains, forests, deserts, and roads of Chile 🇨🇱. . . And now I'm running after her again in Mexico🇲🇽. And I will continue to run after her wherever our adventures take us on this planet . . . You're never to old and it's never to late to fall in love, follow your heart❤️, and live your dreams🏃🏼🏃‍♀️🌎. . . And this girl sure is worth following!!! ❤️U babe. . . Happy running everyone. . . ✌🏻

Sunday, funday, runday 👆.. Sometimes I get questions from you like "Am I doing good enough"?, "Do I need to run longer or harder to make it count"?.. and so on.. The most important thing with running is after all to enjoy. It doesn't always need to be hard. I think that many of us (including myself) need to more often go out and run just for fun! 😀🏃‍♀️❤️#funrun #loverunning #ASICS #ASICFrontRunner #ASICSFrontRunnerSweden

When I'm not on the trails up here in the Bay, you will find me running around my new oval at Stanford 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ Lucky for me, starting in August I'll be driving by Stanford every weekday on the way to and from work. School Psychologist by day 🙋🏼runner by morning and night 🤗 So I'll be putting in #workworkwork on this gorgeous red track a few times a week 😬 Hopefully I'm not out there when the speedy track team is out there 😂 Um, Hi 🙋🏼 I'm just over here doing sprints at your warm up speed 😂 And dreaming about that sub 3 hour marathon 💪🏼 Make the dream real!!!! 😬 #radrabbit #runinrabbit #iloverunning #runhappy #zensah #happylegs

If you didn't fight for what you want, don't cry for what you've lost. I'm exhausted and feel like quitting, I'm just ready to throw in the towel...BUT then I remembered why I started and I closed my eyes and envisioned that @chimarathon start line and I could imagine how overwhelmingly amazing a victory would feel. ---
That stays with you forever. That's a memory never forgotten and a story to tell decades from now when your in your rocking chair, when you can no longer run...that day is NOT today. I'm positive when that day comes that I do rock back and forth in a rocking chair with a cold iced tea I'll be pretty damn content 😌 ---
Today I started out on the treadmill, a steady 6.2 speed or 9:40 pace for 16 miles then I wanted to pull my hair out from boredom so yes at 2:30pm and 100 degrees outside I ran my last 4 miles on the trails. Not the wisest idea as those last 4 miles I gasped for air and was wheezing a bit but I made it home 🏡 #safesndsound #naptime


2.2 milrs 35 min. Pretty sweet!! I have still alot of work to do but Im happy about this! Baby steps!
#progress #iloverunning #fitmom

I planned a 4 or 5 mile run for today but only got 3.06 miles in, which is okay! My boys needed me and that completely comes before finishing a certain amount of mileage. I burned 486 calories.

It was beautiful out, around 84 degrees with 75% humidity since it rained all day, and there was a cool breeze that made it nicer.

My back has been hurting since Friday when I did Romanian deadlifts, so I was a little wary about running today. My back felt good and loosened up once I was warmed up, and feels even better now!

I've decided on my half-marathons for the rest of the year! I'll be starting a 16-week training plan tomorrow for the St. Augustine Half-Marathon in November and I'll also be doing the Jacksonville Bank Half-Marathon in December, where I'll be a year postpartum! In October, I'll be running a 5K or 10 mile race through Evergreen, like last year but without the big pregnant belly!

I was super colorful on my run, with my newly pink hair, bright blue sports bra, pink shirt, light purple Garmin, and purple Nikes! It was a blast.

I lifted 5 days and ran 4 days this week!

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This looks fun and challenging! Anyone want to join me? @mollyhuddle @doyogarunfaster @runnersloveyoga

#Repost @doyogarunfaster (@get_repost)
IT STARTS TOMORROW! Here we go! Won cool prizes! Get stronger! Have fun! It's a W all around! *********
Our next Runners Love Yoga challenge was worth the wait! So excited to be cohosting this one with my former Notre Dame teammate, ridiculously fast runner of all distances, and overall awesome person Molly @mollyhuddle!
#RLYstrength, our combined yoga + running challenge, runs July 24-31! This 8-day challenge alternates between short yoga sequences and running workouts focused on strength. I'll give you yoga sequences, & Molly will give you running related strength exercises to give your running a boost as we head into the fall season.
PRIZES: Winner gets a M430 Polar @polarglobal watch courtesy of Molly @mollyhuddle as well as $50 of apparel from @doyogarunfaster. Runner-up receives a pair of @saucony Freedoms in your requested size from Molly, as well as $30 from @doyogarunfaster.
How it works: Before each night of the challenge, either Molly or I will post a video with the following day's sequence or drill. Then post your own photo or video of you completing that day's exercise. Post every day to stay in the running!
To participate:
1. Repost this photo and tag @runnersloveyoga + @mollyhuddle in your CAPTION so we know you're entering our challenge/contest! If you like, tag a friend who might want to join in with you.
2. Each day of the challenge, post a photo or video of you completing that day's move. Tag @runnersloveyoga, @mollyhuddle, and #RLYstrength in your challenge post caption so we can follow along with your progress! Feel free to get creative with your posts too--get a teammate to join for a day, find a cool setting, or surprise us!
3. Be sure to follow @runnersloveyoga and @mollyhuddle to see all the challenge videos. And tag any running friends who might want to join in here!

#RunnersLoveYoga #doyogarunfaster #MollyHuddle #FindYourStrong

In high school, my coach would almost always have me run the 3200m run during duel meets for points. Often times, there would be no runners from the other school so I would pose at the cameras so I can post the photo on my blog to get a lot of likes and re-blogs. ☺️ -
That's my high school coach staring at me in the background. Hi Jake 👋🏻
I don't race it because if I raced every 3200m I ran in a meet, I would burn out and be sad like my freshman year of high school. ☹️

На выходных копилка наших медалей пополнилась! Четверо героев преодолели дистанции ультра трейл-забега в Суздале (30 км, 100 км) по пересечённой местности! 🥇🥇🥇

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