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6weeks in and 8 weeks out!

I've never felt this energised, and lean. I lost 4kg, of which I believe is just fat.😂 So I was SKINNY FAT!😂😂 Makes me laugh too. Current weight being 63.6kg

So yeah! I'm super amped to be able to show you guys what I've been working on... Yes I did 40mins cardio of which mostly fasted (meaning first thing in the morning, without any meal), core and ab workouts: INSANE😣 aswell as weight training, but in isolation (bicep curls, rows, leg extensions etc) included with compound movements. You know, compound movements (squats, deadlifts, snatches etc.) were my thing. I NEVER did isolated training for specific muscle groups! So this is the result of 6 meals a day (no sugar including fruit - just 1 plum per day as a pre-workout meal), ample water and 6 times a week in the gym lifting... of each exercise ranging between 12-20 reps in phase one and 2-4 sets... now less reps, and a little heavier!! The aim for me is not to go too heavy in lifting, but instead excecuting great form and completing my reps!! So whenever you feel like you can't, tell yourself IMPOSSIBLE IS A MAN MADE BELIEF. To those that look at me with envy and hateful thoughts, I'M JUST DOING ME BOO... SO DO YOU!! Thanks to my SUPERMAN @clintonthebrink for the undying support during this rather DIFFICULT phase. But it's absolutely worth every second. 8 WEEKS LEFT OF PREP FOR MY FIRST BIKINI FITNESS COMP!! 🤗😆❤👌🙏💪 to Jesus be the glory for my amazing genes!! Thanks @essieeasthetics @tarrynzealow_wbff_figure for making me look this amazing!
#IWantEveryoneToReachTheirFullPotential #IfYouDoBetterThanMe #GoodForYou #ILovePeople #2017TheYearOfMiracles

Сегодня провели долгожданную HR конференцию, где удалось познакомиться с многими руководителями разных компаний 🕴 #MirusDesk #hr_conference #ilovepeople

when we got invited to be on a private tour to go snorkelling around the secret beaches & lagoons around #elnido #lifesgood #grateful #ilovepeople #spidertours 🐠🌴🤗

I do not see people in my life as part of a game. If you are my friend, I will consider you a friend until my last breath. I can and will always make myself available for anyone, always know that. We are powerful, and we get to be here together!(: #ilovepeople #lifeonearth #imweirdiknow #familyarefriends #ilovegreenery💚

I'm so grateful for the people I get to worship with.
God did not create us to be alone. He created us to be together, to lift one another up and encourage each other. To highlight each other's gifts so that God may be glorified through them. He gave us community so that we might love one another and in doing so we can get a glimpse of His amazing, unending love!

DEFINITELY a huge highlight of this year's GYC experience! Table leading this family has had me sooo hyped!!! 😄🎉 #gyc2016 #smallgroups #over700tonight #ilovepeople 🤗#immeasurableblessings

Happy Christmas everyone!! These two were handing out candy and spreading Christmas cheer on the boardwalk this morning. #ilovepeople #runeckrun

😄 like when you notice #strangers #ilovepeople

The Adventures of Nala the 60 pound lap dog part 3. #lapdoggy #ilovepeople @codymurphree21


when we got invited to be on a private tour to go snorkelling around the secret beaches & lagoons around #elnido #lifesgood #grateful #ilovepeople #spidertours 🐠🌴🤗

Emergency room conversations. This is Terri and Bill who I met on Day 309. Such lovely people to spend som time with in a place where most of us were not at our best. It's amazing where you can get into conversations with strangers. #meetmorepeople #T2MP #howtomeetpeople #1yearchallenge #ilovemeetingpeople #ilovepeople #peopleareawesome #facetoface #conversations @tonyestevesinspiration #talktomorepeople #talk2morepeople #foothillsmedicalcentre #foothills

I'm always here for you guys. Don't ever forget that❤. Love you guys so much.
(To the whole fandom but I don't remember all of your usernames😅)
#shaytards #ilovepeople #internetfriends

Yesterday an old #lady asked 2 euros from me. I gave it to her, and asked how she is doing. Appears she had so much sadness in her life. We talked quite a while, I learnt a lot. #ilovepeople #cigarette #oldlady #smoke #cigaretteholder