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I've had enough for one day. Goodnight fur friends

Hate leaving this face in the morning. Can't I just be a stay at home dog mom? #theduke #sheltiesofinstagram #ilovemysheltie

Pepe: An exhausted nanny. 😓😁😍❤️#pastordeshetland #shetlandsheepdog #sheltie #ilovemysheltie #ilovemydog


I hate not being able to sleep.Its hard to be chronically in a bad sleeping schedule.Its like I just can't get on a decent one at this point.My pain is seriously ruining my sleep more than ever.No amount of drugs I have can give me relief to sleep.Its like the only time I can sleep anymore is when my body is so overly exhausted that it just crashes on its own and usually it's in the middle of the day so then I can't sleep at night.So frustrating!What Also sucks is that whenever Im super restless Rain is too-I love that he's awake so im not alone but i can tell this bad schedule is effecting him too in a bad way.His absolute fav place to sleep is in my bathroom which is super small.I never make him come with me-95% of the time hes in my room he follows me to the bathroom-at first he'd stand behind the door and nudge it open with his muzzle-then his muzzle would disappear and so i gently shut the door back to how it was and a few seconds later he'd do the exact same thing-we would always play back and forth until he opened it wide enough for me to see his whole face and then he'd come in-ears back,tail wagging and those bright eyes shining-cutest thing ever.But times like this he just swings it open once and stands there waiting for me to tell him to come in.No matter how crappy i feel-this sweetheart always makes me smile.When he lays like he is in the pic it usually is his super exhausted look.My heart always melts.So thats why i always take books to read-so that he gets some well deserved sleep.One of us needs to.Oh and this is the newest fiction book i just started!Been on my #readinglist for too long!#Insomnia#insomniac#NoSleep#Depression#iamnotaserialkiller#DanWells#bookstagram#edstype3#colorheadedwhitesheltie#colossalsheltie#RainTheSheltie#nosleep#chronicnervepain#chronicpelvicpain#pelvicpain#vulvodynia#vulvodyniaawareness#vulvarvestibulitisawareness#vulvarvestibulitis#pelvicfloordysfunction#pelvicpainawareness#pelvicpainproblems#IBS#sheltielove#doggymommy#dogmom#sheltiesofinstagram#sheltiesofig#ilovemysheltie

Schon wieder eine Woche her, dass wir hoch an die See gefahren sind 😕 die Zeit vergeht so schnell. Dafür geht es heut für uns schon zum nächsten Turnier 🤗 wie fahren an einen Stausee in Thüringen 🏝 wir sind schon ganz gespannt wie es dort ist, es klingt aber wieder wie ein kleiner Kurzurlaub 🤗 das liebe ich so an den Sommermonaten kombiniert mit Agi-Turnieren 😁 was habt ihr am Wochenende schönes vor?

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