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So...I've been toying around with the idea of getting a fancy new bike, but lacked the proper excuse to coz my parents had fixed up a pre-loved bike for me which I kept lying around the house. After months of abandonment, the tires had flattened. My dad then insisted on buying me a bicycle pump. While pumping the tires, we realized the brakes had stiffened. So my parents brought the bike back with them to get it fixed. I returned home today to find this in my balcony, fixed, cleaned up, with a new set of bells, and some not so subtle subliminal messaging. Looks like i'll just have to Love My Bike. #dowhatyourparentstellyou #ilovemybike #ilovemyparentsmore #brompton #gottawait

...because mom & dad knw I've had many teary days & nights.

A sweet and bubbly sentiment!!🍾. From my parents on the opening of GypsyRose!! Their ❤️and support mean more than anything! And the penguin card is more than adorable! 😉🐧 😍 #gypsyrose #ilovepenguins #ilovemyparentsmore #workhard #lovinglife

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