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So many leaves to rake and so many piles to jump in 🍁🍂 #ilovemn

It was another day filled with Family, Love, and Beautiful MN outdoors 🙌🏼❤️😊 #justwhatineeded #iloveMN

This sunshine is very nice!!! ☀️ #ilovemn

It's been too long😻 #ilovemn

Kicking off the weekend with amazing street food! 🌮🌮 Got any cool plans this weekend? #weekendvibes #foodie #foodtruck #foodtrucklife

View from my walk between buildings and appointments. Yeah I have a lot of blessings.😊 #ilovemn #blessings #foodallergies #eatingdisorder #tired


I walked into @Kaisalonmn in Northloop and was given a royal treatment! The receptionist handed me a coffee, lotion & a hot towel on a plate as I waited for my stylist, @javihairjuarez !
My yucky roots were growing out since I've been taking the Hair, Skin, Nail pills from @itworksadventure that @nomignome set me up with!
Kai salon is a part of the @Aveda Network so all of their product are natural and cruelty free! I did a head full of silvery cool tones which took about 3 hours. Javier was SO kind, conversational and was a master at his art! The scalp massage was sensational and knowing the authenticity of the products was very refreshing!
The salon was clean, had a fun lounge area downstairs and I found out that they also offer nail and skin services as well!
Parking was plentiful in the hourly pay right out front and Northloop is home to some of my favorite coffee shops so grab a coffee, getcha hair done and make it a fun day.
I'll definitely be back!

I told ya I was coffee table crazy this month.. ☺️ I just refinished this spool coffee table, and the wood patina is gorgeous! see it at the sale! July 6/7/8/9! #reclaimedwood #spool #homedecor #decor #farmhouse #rustic #ilovemn #minnesota #shoplocal #rusticwood #patina #upcycle #coffeetable #shopbuffalomn @harlows_house

Love my city and summer walk-and-talks with friends! ❤

Sunset walk, grooving to a mix of @lordemusic and @andygrammer ...Its good to be Alive #sunset #walk #park #musicislife #love #music #perfect #happy #selfie

Ima just gonna stop and give myself mad props for spending this evening turning the rhubarb I was gifted 10 days ago into one pie (pictured) and a quart of sauce. When we hit busy season, thoughtful shares of garden produce often turn into a guilt-inducing puddle in the fridge, but not this time! Sure, the crust is store bought and I had to use margarine (who am I?!? 😳) for the crumb crust, but let's focus on the positive, shall we? I even did all the dishes! 🙌 #busyseason #ftw #rhubarb

What started out as simple fun with no intension has grown a lot in just a few months. It been fun collaborating and meeting new people along the way!
@timandmadie photography and @essenceonelife have both been the best!
Thanks for all the encouragement!! Ya ya you betcha!

@mara_mi_collection Please, make a Minneapolis location!
Mara Mi the coolest sand most distracting place I have ever been to!
It is like Typo on a girly-sugary crack!
I buzzed around each table, touching every texture I could. It's lucky I didn't walk out with all new notebooks and filing systems.
The design studio for these products are just upstairs, you can see the artists themselves networking and marketing their ideas before they hit the floor.
The BEST PART IS it is also a coffee shop with great coffee and on location made treats!
The coffee is beautifully arted and perfectly frothed! I didn't even ask about the wifi connection because I was too mesmerized by all there was to look at.
Mara Mi was started 30 years ago by two friends who love design and has never stopped expanding. I find their products all the time even in Target so the following has definitely grown!
The next time you're in Stillwater this is a must-see kind of place!
Open Monday-Thursday 8-6
Friday- 8-8
Sunday- 10-6

That home view though.

It was another day filled with Family, Love, and Beautiful MN outdoors 🙌🏼❤️😊 #justwhatineeded #iloveMN

The Lynhall!
This place is going to be THE hot spot for dates, events, coffee stops and Instagram photos! Thanks, @coffeewithdrew for the recommendation!
First off the place is very spacious with long dining tables, high tops at the full bar, little tables for coffee and pastries and comfortable seating by the fireplace.
Only having been open 6 days now everything is in pristine order, not a crumb to be found, the staff is more than friendly and the coffee is strong, needing nothing added to its perfection!
When I ordered the chicken salad open face sandwich I expected it to be something typical, but it burst with flavor, spices and garnishes! The chef, @shane_oporto I got to speak with briefly, it's evident that his passion for amazing food with exotic origins goes beyond what the average Minnesotan can muster up on a good day.
I am half Mexican but the open face mix I had left my mouth tingling for water, must have been the green curry and cherry tomatoes!
The flower centerpieces on every table are all real and vary in size and colors. There is also outdoor seating available and since this is off of Lyndale Avenue there is plenty of parking found on the streets if you can't find a spot in their little lot to the left of the building.
The wifi password is for the Guest Network and it is "eat.gather" as a part of their motto, 'Eat, drink, gather, grow'! I cannot wait to come back to Lynhall! This is my new favorite place! Perhaps the location for my next coffee hang!
Open 6:30am-10pm everyday!

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