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This sunshine is very nice!!! ☀️ #ilovemn

Stacking our Memorial Day Weekend with some #BoldNorth activities. ✌🏼(📷: @peternjuhl)

After thousands of steps and a few whirls, we're saying goodbye until next year #mnstatefair #statefairmsp #ilovemn

I made this super simple MN ❤ necklace today and I think it's my new favorite. #mnmakers #onlyinmn #iloveMN #handmadeMN #simplejewelry

So many leaves to rake and so many piles to jump in 🍁🍂 #ilovemn

Spring in the North #rampseason

Feels good to wear a jacket again! #theheatwaveisover #ilovemn PC @thefishermanswidow


Spring in the North #rampseason

Stacking our Memorial Day Weekend with some #BoldNorth activities. ✌🏼(📷: @peternjuhl)

A short walk to the Big Lake. Superior, that is. Had a lovely extended weekend with my hubby and some family members too.
I need to bring back balance. Work has been given priority for some time now, and I've been feeling the effects.
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#DidYouKnow for every tree you adopt from Brewing A Better Forest, you get a free beer in return? Check out their website, they have over 10,000 (whoa!) trees that need some TLC! #NonprofitSpotlight #NonprofitPartner

Gooseberry Falls was running big and fast today. I don't recall seeing it this full ever maybe. Also did the trail down one side and up the other, which is where this view comes from.
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Happy for sunshine for yet another fun field trip on the Mississippi River. 🌞🛥🌊 #cooperjames #ilovemn #boating #sunshine #mykidsROCK #igothis

Open wifi network and a wide array of street parking!! Off to a good start.
Birchwood has been open now for 30 years and has climbed the ladder of success that once started as a small local cafe has prided itself on being an all organic Farm-to-table restaurant. They serve a phenomenal 3 meals but their breakfast is set apart. Their foods are colorful and full of nutrition! I've been here for breaky and once for dinner and the only complaint I have about dinner is that all of their sauces have harsh, bitter tastes to them. A lot of vinaigrette similarities. That's not wrong or weird at all, it's just a personal opinion.
The staff can reiterate the quality of what they serve along with their variety of beer, wine and soothing peace coffee with perfect latte art!
The atmosphere has the farmhouse feel to it with plenty of outdoor seating and low cello background music welcoming group conversations without having to shout.
Take more photos here, friends, make it look pretty and send them my way. If you stay for a full meal with coffee be prepared to spend roughly $17-20 per person as you are paying for a superior condition!

What it looks like outside all the windows. 🌳🌲💚🌲🌳

6 years running now with multiple locations in high volume areas like Hennepin Uptown, St. Paul and East Lake Street each locations thrives. It's a more casual urban vibe with high quality coffee where some places like Spyhouse focus more on their visual aesthetics.
The wifi at the Hennepin location is an open network so I might assume its like that at the other locations...?
I've been told by the baristas themselves that there is no consistent time schedule when it comes to their busiest times of day, with this one being found in a mini mall on Hennepin it can go from zero to sixty quite fast.
Though it has the look of just being a coffee stand, Dogwood has made the absolute best out of what they've been given! They have occupied their home in this mall, made it pleasing and convenient to all who walk by or have a sit down.
It's very unique setting is refreshing. To see such a respected coffee brand take the small amount they were given and make something that represents them and their audience takes some good innovation! This is a must-stop for me whenever I venture around Uptown!
Open 7-7 and 8-6 on Sunday's!

Pit stop! Lived in MN my whole life and this is my first time visiting the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi. .
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