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Music does this thing to me.

How do you start your day? What time do you wake up in the morning? How much time do you invest in yourself? All those questions will determine the level of success in your life.

#tbthursday I miss when it was warm enough for almost no clothes, sandals and sunglasses 😢

I was trying to use boomerang but I'm not doing it right. But enjoy

Recently went from wraps to pita bread. I think I like wraps better. None the less my favorite sauteed mushrooms, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes ❤❤❤ sooooooo good

These thick lips
So soft and smooth
Yearn to show you the love inside of me.#ilovemeclub #memyselfandi💋 #african #queen #royal #beautiful #amazing #chocolate #love #sexymama #allnatural

I really love how my hips flair out. I remember wanting hips sooooooo bad in highschool now that I have them I'm pressed


Looking for an important piece of paper and I stumbled on this picture. I was receiving a scholarship at Howard and had to take a picture for it. Time flies my hair is like 3 times this long

Good old fashioned turtle neck.... always make me look sophisticated 😝

Y'all know I wrap gifts right? Want your gifts wrapped for someone special? Dm me for rates

She said it!!! When solo dolo fun is too good to go home.

When the local Friday's remind you that you need to go out more

So far I'm married to like 5 men in my head. We all live happily ever after. #crazylove #ilovemeclub #inmyhead #cuzican #dontmindme #DC #dmv #MD #sex #love #relationships

Let people dig their own grave. It makes it much easier to walk away. If you call yourself an adult you know right from wrong so you would also know when you do wrong.

If you could only smell and taste this!!!! Sauteed mushrooms, onion, green, and red peppers. Breakfast for champions!!!

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