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I remember the evening vividly that I posted that photo in the purple strapless top. I said "For the first time ever, I feel like a MILF"
That's what I said. I looked at my photos and I knew in my mind I looked great. I had lost all the baby weight and got my pre-baby body "back".
And yet, I didn't FEEL confident. And you can literally see it in my eyes, my smile, my posture. I look like I'm holding back. And I was.
I told everyone I felt like I was bangin. But inside I was still the hot mess express. I still determined my worth based on WHO ELSE thought I was attractive. I still based my success on the markers that society placed for me.
And yet, even achieving those milestones, and standing there saying I was "fuckable" didn't make me feel any more LOVED.
And I continued this path for a while, about another year. It was destructive. Painful. And really fucking HARD. On everyone.
And I began to realize that I was not being the example I wanted for my children. The last thing I wanted was for them to need to be validated by others to know their worth and potential.
I wanted them to know it and believe it with such conviction that NO ONE could tell them otherwise.
But how could I teach that if every time someone gave me "advice" I was ready to change myself to fit in? Well the simple answer is - I couldn't.
And so I started pushing myself to question why I cared if people liked me, or found me attractive, or wanted to be my friend. And I started focusing on the things that felt right, and good, and easy, and purposeful. And when things got scary, I got scary honest with myself. And I continued to grow into my true soul, little by little. I failed forward SO HARD. I STILL do! And if you want to make a change in any area of your life, you will too.
You've spent your entire life believing the lies that society has embedded in you, it will take time...a lot of time, to unlearn that behavior and step into the women you've always been.
She's waiting for you, babe....we all are.
Just do you

Prove them all wrong and more importantly, prove yourself right! Never stop being you. Shine on💋
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Everyday i learn more about her Her moods her thoughts and vibes. That ever intensifying vibe. That brain of hers thats packed with ideas and concepts that will in time make her one wealthy woman. I use to hate her and do mean things to her but once I got to really know who made her He taught me how to treat her. As is she is wonderfully made But she is in desperate need of transformation and when its all over Watch out it is going to be dynamite!! More today than ever Im in love with Lillian Lloyd and each day i shall become an even greater version of her Watch me love myself into a complete metamorphosis #ILoveMe #musicnonestop music by @chakaikhan @bsladenow #availablenowonalldigitaloutlets #buyitnow #itunes #ComeonChaka #Greatestloveofallisselflove #Stronger #wiser #better #lifemusic

Je n'ai pas la recette magique, mais n'hésitez pas enrichir cette liste pour toutes les personnes qui n'arrivent pas à s'aimer.


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I miei guardaroba ambulanti😂😂😂 #friends #imbarazzinai?😂 #risate #iloveme

"The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light." - Matthew 6:22. #PhotoCredit - @jessica_wilson7. #Blessed #Thankful #Grateful #StandingStrong #Happy #BibleVerse #TheTruth #Agreed #Believer #GoodVibes #OhHappyDay #Summer #RoseGarden #MillCreekMetroParks #Light #Sunny #ILoveMe #Positivity #Youngstown #Ohio #Adventuring 💛😊✨🌲🌤👸🏽👸🏼🌻🌼🔆🍃👏🏻🙌🏻🌳🌹


Celebrating the small successes... I'm still a beginner, but I'm thankful for trusting the process. Still chopping away at that midsection three kids later! #iloveme #iamNiaB #gains #smallsuccesses #gymrat #blackwomenwholift #blackwomenwhoworkout

Everyday I tell myself that
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be you. I've learnt that I should be myself. And now I realise why would I want to be anyone else? Different is good. -

Trying something new♡
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Dices, que soy imperfecta
Que tú eres mi dueño
Quien no te madura todo el tiempo
Dices que hablo cosas tontas
Que no te merezco
¿Quién te crees que eres? ¡Dime quién!

Te pido por favor
Que no me quieras controlar
Entregame tu amor
Sin condiciones nada mas
Permíteme vivir, soñando ésta realidad
No ves que soy asi, distinta sin igual ❤️️ #myself #iloveme #instachile

Be true to your self.. let YOU come out and shine because their is nothing more beautiful than a person being truly their authentic self! ☀☄
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