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Here's a new video discussing my Jesus experiences at http://bit.ly/DoreenJesusTalk - clickable link in my Instagram profile.
It's not easy to be in the public eye, while going through a big personal change. But with God, prayer, and supportive people, I'm happier now than I've ever been.
From what I can see, a lot of people have given up on Jesus because they had painful experiences with organized religions. I have compassion for that background.
But the world needs Jesus now more than ever! The real Jesus, who brings us healing, love, and unifying compassion.
The lower energy sees that I'm in a position where I could introduce a lot of people back to Jesus, and the lower energy is furious about this. So it is attacking me, including finding people to attack me. I appreciate those of you who are praying for me.

Many people have had questions or concerns about the changes that I've gone through since my big Jesus experience on January 7, leading to my baptism on February 25. Each of us is on a personal path, and I respect that your path may be different than mine.
Please know that I have not renounced all of my work, as some have incorrectly stated. I still teach about angels, use angel cards, etc. and the biggest change is that I make sure to go directly to God for answers, and I don't attempt to predict or control the future. I've also made happy changes with Hay House, that I discuss in the video. There is no drama with Hay House, as some have speculated.
Please know that I'm not judging people who don't follow Jesus. I'm not a judgmental Christian. I ask that you do not judge me either.
There are still products that I wrote prior to my baptism being newly published. That's because it takes a year after you write something before it is published.
Thank you for your love, prayers, and support, and I send them back to you as well!


God can make a relationship much stronger than what it is. Just trust him.
Credits: @christiansoulmates

I'm so thankful for an unchanging Savior! The eclipse was an amazing display, but it makes me long for the day that we'll have no more darkness... the day when light will no longer be obstructed or clouded. 🙌🏼 Oh for the day that Jesus will be the only light: Untarnished, unfading, and everlasting!
Friends, if you don't know for sure that you're heading for that eternal day...if you've never put your trust and faith in Christ alone, let TODAY be the day of salvation! 🙌🏼☀️ .
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Would you be smiling if you knew you were about to die? This man knows he's about to be executed, but still is smiling. Find out why. (Link to full article in bio)

Ada yang pergi ada yang datang'' yang keliatannya baik belum tentu paling baik, yang jahat blm tentu yang paling jahat...
Ini lah hidup harus terus banyak belajar dari orang2 yang sering menghianati kita..

Jangan lupa nonton yah nonton CAHAYA HATI jam 18.00 wib DI RCTI Oke..


Waktu Nya Tuhan Selalu Yang terbaik #Jesusblesed #IloveJesus #GodblessMe

Med-XL still in stock!! I get more comments/compliments on this shirt than anything I wear!
Leave a comment with your size and email address or you can order through the link.
#KeepingItReal #iLoveJesus #GraphicTees

I have poured every ounce of me into my brand! God created me in His image therefore everything I create is for His Glory!
I want to thank everyone who continues to support me! Thank you for seeing my vision, allowing me to share my heart and encouraging me even when I feel like giving up. God chose me and i am grateful! I pray this is only the beginning of a life filled with ministry to others. I love each one of you, Literally! ****
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Gratidão Jesus! 🖤 Encha seu coração de gratidão, Deus te presenteia com momentos especiais! #bananeiras #paraiba #trip #cm #maiastrip #maia #thanksgod #cristã #friend #happy #ilovegod #ilovejesus #friends

Dios no levanta a personas preparadas, Dios prepara a las personas que levanta #IloveJesus

Aku gpp kmu rendahin tp aku ttp ditinggikan sama TUHANku....amien

Ka-rip is so much fun!!! Tonight was the best night ever!! Also CRIMSON CULTURE KILLED IT!!!❤️ #unite #jesussbloodneverfailsme #obu #bison #freshman #ilovejesus

Tá frio lá fora, mas o coração ta quente! Obrigado Senhor por poder ser seu instrumento, pode me usar, eis me aqui !
Te amooo, és meu Tudo!
Sou grata pela saúde, família e amigos. #jesusestavoltando
#maranata #ilovejesus
#shalom #happy #god

🚨 { SALE TIME } 🚨 August 22nd is my birthday y'all ... and my mama taught me that if you can you should give to others instead & that it'll make you feel GOOD! So ... here we go! From Aug 22-31 I'm running 15% off of all pre-designed items in my shop ... so if you've been thinking of ordering, it's time! It's also the end of the first month of my shop being open & Mama has some goals --- so you taking advantage of a sale is like a birthday gift to me! Makes me that much closer to goal 🥅! Thanks for all the love ❤️ #honestmamadesigns #firstsaleeverrr #whodoesntlovesales

emma//delicate flower🌻//emmy//loml, where do i even begin? 3 years ago (sometime around today) i dmed someone that could've potentially been a 50 yr old man, but i wanted friends that liked glee so i took a chance and i am so glad that i did. since the day we started talking, i have felt so happy and loved. you've made life in this terrible world so much better, and i am so lucky to have a friend like you. we have been through so much together, it's crazy to think that you're still friends with my bitchy-problematic-self. i love you more than i'll ever be able to express, and i will never stop telling you that. throughout the past three years you've shown and taught me so many things that no one else could have. you've been there durning the hardest times of my life, and i'll never be able to thank you enough. you are a literal angel, and i don't know what i did to deserve you? you're so perfect and beautiful, like it's truly unbelievable you're an actual human. you have always treated me so greatly, even when i didn't deserve it.
we've had bad times, BUT we've also had really amazing times. liiiiiike every time we talk on the phone❤️ it's rare af, but those are kind of my favorite memories with you. or like when we have a "no, i love you more" fight, which basically happens every time we talk? sometimes multiple times a day? i wouldn't trade them for the world though. when your autocorrect turned "omg" into "on." and we literally typed "on" instead of omg for a really long time. when we both put #ilovejesus in our bios bc my moms crazy & we both agreed on that. and that one time we role played ooc on the back of our unicorn, or tbh just any time the unicorn is involved in a conversation. or when we used faberry models for the first time, and they slowly became our true form forever. when we decided thinking out loud was "our song", after we learned that we were both ed sheeran fans. or the time we set up our rabbit accounts, and we talked about our rabbit icons for almost an hour or two. and finally, when "forever and three days" became a klemma thing. (continued below)💓

La Bendición de Jehová es la que enriquece, Y no añade tristeza con ella.
Proverbios 10:22
Gracias a mi Padre Celestial por sus infinitas Bendiciones #OraciónContestada
Hoy llegó la Nueva Interface para #ExitMusicStudios
#AvidQuartet #ProToolsHD #Apogee
#Fé #Paciencia #TodoEsASuTiempo☝️

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