“Each enhancement is an amputation”— first time reading Seveneves by the awesome Neal Stephenson, I was packing for my 16-hour flight to New York. The quote struck me hard, but I took the liberty of extracting it out of the technology vs. humanity context as is in the book, and used it narcissistically to make sense of my emotions and to reflect on why every time I try to advance myself I have to choose a path away from things and people I care about and have been close to at certain given moments.
Today I left my beloved town of Clinton in tears, chasing another more “promising professional opportunity”. And again, this “enhancement” feels like an “amputation”, except for that instead of losing a limb, I almost thought that I lost part of my heart.
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Feelin’ festive. 🏷
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Huge crowd comes out to hear author Kate DiCamillo on a snowy morning. Sounds of basketball game in next room doesn’t drown out kids’ questions. Parents and other walkers on track above. #isthisheaven,noit’sIowa. #katedicamillo #librariansdream #grandmasdream #iloveIowa

Thank you! What a fun Christmas Shop kick-off last evening🌲

JB Knacker is all ready for you today 10-5...fresh Christmas wreaths, plants, handmade hats, mittens, pillows, soaps & candles await🌲

We are restocked on our Iowa Rivers & Roads tees and Iowa ball caps. And putting out fresh vintage every day🌲

Slide through the pictures and then come on over! We have treats and The Vault has the best lunch menu🌲

Called it a night...will get a fresh start in the morning! Lights still to hang and fresh greens to gather.
Our Christmas Shop kick-off is Thursday 5-8. The shop is full of such good vintage & handmade items...great for decorating & gift-giving.
Hope you can make it!

And we thought a bunny on the front porch was fun; Today there's a pair of wild turkeys wandering around the studio drive. I love Iowa! ❤️

Join JB Knacker this Thursday evening, Nov 15th 5-8 for a Christmas Shop kick-off!
@tornntatteredpillows, @katiecaseydesigns, @yarnandimagination & @charlottelouisemercantile will be joining the festivities with their handmade, vintage and live wreaths & winter plants just in time to add that perfect touch to your home for Thanksgiving🧡
Amanda at @the_vault_gilbert right next door will be serving delicious food & drink during this event, so come hungry!
And I just found out that the @openflamesteakhouse just down the block on Main Street is celebrating 40 years in business on this same evening so be sure to pop over!
Nov 15th is also JB Knacker’s 13th anniversary on Main Street! Gilbert is a good place to have a small family-owned business.
Hope you can make it Thursday evening! But if you can’t, we will be celebrating all weekend long...Fri & Sat 10-5 and Sunday 11-3.

I know you can’t tell but it’s snowing!!!! Love this weather! #iloveiowa #timisinthebackground

The gift of time. It’s precious + frustrating. My magical Momma drove 1800+ miles from Iowa —> Oregon a month ago to give us her time. With heavy hearts and tearful eyes, she started her long journey back home this morning. Time went too fast. We did so much. We didn’t do enough. We enjoyed every moment, yet one month made us want another. I’m greedy. I’m selfish. “Stay for the winter,” we begged. “Move in with us forever,” we joked, with more than a hint of seriousness. My moms mom died at age 42 from cancer, when my mom was only 10 years old. Time betrayed her. I’ll be 42 next year. Lauren will be 10. I don’t plan on going anywhere. Time is frustratingly precious. I tried to explain this to Owen, Adam & Lauren this past month. To let them know that just like they need me, I need my mom. Nana gave my kids time. To snuggle. To talk. To laugh and to grow. We loved our time with her, but I’ll always want more. Happy 66th, Momma. Thankful we got to celebrate time with YOU!! #ilovemymom #nanacomeback #thegiftoftime #thesearethemoments #greedywithmytime #halloweenbirthday #iloveIowa #pleasemovetoOregon #celebratetime #dramaticMK #givethanksalways🖤👵🏻⏱💜🦄🔮💙🙏🏼💎💚🦎🌽💛🌼🥠🧡🐻⏳❤️🎁⏰💗🌷🛍

This is #whyivote. If you haven’t gotten out and voted yet (especially folks in Iowa’s 4th district) Go! Vote! Iowan values are those of kindness, respect, and hard work and those are not being upheld by our Representative in Congress. So get out there and vote for Iowa, 75% vowels but 100% awesome. 💙❤️ #vote #iowapride #iloveiowa #iowanative @raygunshirts

Saturday adventures in #Kalona #Iowa. Love the November colors. #FallBeauty #ILoveIowa

Got to hang out with the First Lady of NYC today. #iloveiowa #caucus2020

I hope I have to stand in line all day Tuesday because of voter turn out. #takebackourcountry #vote #civicduty #hellyes #kansascity #MO #iloveiowa

Although it’s not a true canyon, this trail provides staggering views of bluffs on either side #minesofspainstaterecreationarea

Ready to explore Fall in Des Moines?! I’ve got you covered! Everything you need to know from where to stay, eat and play! .
@readyroam www.readyandroam.com
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