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I'm the type of crazy aunt that goes and gets photo shoots done of my nephew like he's my son 😂😂😂. I don't care, he's my baby! Thanks to my amazingly talented friend @charleelifestylephoto for such an amazing session. Can't wait to show y'all the rest of his cuteness 😍 #ILoveHisSmile

My forever valentine. ❤ #ilovehissmile 📷: @aaronrobertphoto

The best burger goes on just perfect with the most amazing smile. ❤😻 #ilovefood #iloveburgers #ilovehisSmile #always

Heyo Sunshines😍😍😍 here is a crazy Theo Pic to admire🙌🙌
#TheoJames #Crazy #admire #ILoveHisSmile

man crush everyday 😍 #mcm #ilovehissmile

Mom stop taking photos 👶😍 #ilovehissmile #ilovehisface

Happy FIVE years to the love of my life! 💕
The words to our first dance are still true:
"I wanna love you, and treat you right,
I wanna love you, every day and every night"
Can't wait to see where the Lord leads us in the next five years.
#happyanniversary #fiveyears #ilovehissmile

We've been cooking at home every night lately. But we were out of groceries and our last pack of chicken hadn't thawed out so we decided to go to one of our fave places (BWW). Then I found a cute little heart shaped fried pickle and we just HAD to take a picture with it. (Thanks @ericjakubosky 😁)
Seriously though, I realllllllllly just love my husband. I'm lucky that he's my partner for life.
#ilovehissmile #andhisarms #andeverythingelse

Good morning mom ☀️ #ilovehissmile #cuteboy #lookatthoseteeth 👀❣


There is no one in this whole world I love to see smile more than you 😆 I can not describe the happiness you have brought me these past almost 2 years 💞 you are my world and my partner in this whirlwind we call life through thick and thin we will always be kickin ass and takin names!! 70 days until we celebrate 2 years of faith, hardwork and love for each other 😍💑😍 #myman😙 #ilovehissmile #stingraycorvette #ouranniversaryiscoming #heisasexybeast #imsoluckytohavehim #heismysoulmate #hecompletesme❤️

I love seeing my son so happy he's the greatest thing that ever happened to me #Ilovehissmile mommy love you alot babyboy🚼💗💙💝💞💟💕💖

Life lines❤️| Just looking over these pics, I still can't believe our baby boy turned one this month! Even thought it was alot with the kids bdays a week apart, I am glad they are out the way ✌🏽lol! Time really does fly by! Looking forward to baby Allen's 1year old pictures being taken (with his hair cut down😫), in a few weeks! #Ilovehissmile #ifonlyyousawthepicbefore #afterafewtimeswegotafamilypic #tbt #lategram #AllenisaWildOne #youngking #wildone

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