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"I want nothing more than to be Happy But I don’t think I will be Happy Without You.” @traviswall @gymdom #gaycouple #gaycouples #boyfriends #fiance #boyfriend #purpose #ilovehim #gettingmarried

Me: Baby why is your drink in the picture? @jeffdauler: "I'm offering everyone a drink!" #ilovehim #hessocuteicouldscream #ourhappyplace

So mad because papa picked me up, even a kiss won't fix this! Ps. Sorry for almost bad language from papa #smh

I recorded my first "Coffee with Kai" session & it was an epic... fail. I personally love it because it shows 1. How disinterested he is in this whole idea 2. How lame he thinks I am when I ask for a fist-bump (watch his face) 3. I love the way he says "I don't like it" when I ask if he wants some coffee (clearly a joke! I would never give my child coffee after 1 pm. Again kidding. Never coffee for Kai) and 3. He literally walks out on me in the end & I'm left looking like a sad, lost puppy. That about sums up my grand idea of a talk show with Kai. 🤓 Aside from soaking in my everyday with the boys, I'd love to document short videos here & there of how Kai's speech is coming along. I know that once he starts saying "love" instead of "yuv" and "daddy" instead of "dah-yee" I'm going to wish I caught it on tape to replay over & over. Maybe my next idea will be better -> back to ze drawing board! 📝(if you want the full minute of our gripping talk show -> YouTube.com/bethanyciotola, subscribe for more silly debauchery & attempts at capturing the boy's craziness and our life in the big city.)


Dms open to @222bookworm222

Off-road scooters are the best!!! #scooter #son #offroadscooter #ilovehim

Never ever will I get tired of this clip. 😂 It only allows one minute here on ig but you can see the full version on Youtube (just Google Dean eye of a tiger if you need a good laugh). 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 #ilovehim #supernatural #deanwinchester #jensenackles 💘👌 #sofrikkinfunny #lmao #eyeofatiger

It was a random click n see how good are we looking !! 😍😍
P.s - we always look good together.. 😎😄😚
#ilovehim#thecrazysumit #delhigram #indianyoutuber

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