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Finishing up burrito baby's session. This little guy is the cutest and made the perfect burrito! Awesome lettering by the amazingly talented @momentostudios. 🌯 #chipotleobsessed #burritobaby #ilovechipotle

Whyyyy is Chipotle so good 😫🌯
Good thing I track my macros so I can still go get a burrito bowl whenever the craving strikes. I'm in the process of getting down to 175lb but still want to be able to enjoy myself and eat things like Chipotle whenever I want. #ilovechipotle #notanad
Btw, @chipotlemexicangrill how many likes would it take to earn free burritos for a year? 🙏🏻

Day .2️⃣5️⃣3️⃣.♻️6.24..17♻️
Eat Me!

My face. At Chipotle. 👽 #duh #guacamole #ilovechipotle

Hay chipotle como te extrañaba 😩😩😩 #ilovechipotle #bombitatrip #heavybombitatrip

Needed👌🏻😂#chipotleislife #ilovechipotle

UBC IR 👉🏼 the nation's Capital! Starting our political careers and whatnot. No #covfefe here yet 🔥 #kimOTTy #ilovechipotle

The accuracy....🤦🏽‍♀️ #ILoveChipotle #ChipotleIsMyLife

Things you can find within my DNA:
Ice Cream
Anything Chocolate

Here's 380 lb X 4 on deadlifts. Feelin' quick and easy

#kendrick #ilovechipotle #whydoesguaccostextratho


Day .2️⃣5️⃣3️⃣.♻️6.24..17♻️
Eat Me!

a good day consists of food & netflix #iloveshameless #ilovechipotle #netflixandchillwithmyself

Going camping tomorrow, but not planning to go totally off the rails with my eating...so prepping some of my favorites (jar salads and shakeology balls)! What are your favorite camping snacks?

The sweat is dripping and the sun is blinding. That must mean it's going to be a good day!!! Happy Saturday! 😘

Fun night visiting friends while they are camping (and getting geared up for our trip next week). Playing with friends, campfire dinner and ice cream. Perfect summer night! #carolinepaige #jackbrayden #reedharrison

Finishing up burrito baby's session. This little guy is the cutest and made the perfect burrito! Awesome lettering by the amazingly talented @momentostudios. 🌯 #chipotleobsessed #burritobaby #ilovechipotle

Day .2️⃣5️⃣2️⃣.♻️6.23.17♻️
☀️ Pancakes & Bowls ☀️

I used to say, "Oh I'm just not really a sweater." Well...guess I am, but I just wasn't working hard enough 😜 Being pushed (shoved) out of your comfort zone is not easy or fun...but oh so very necessary. We do not give ourselves credit for all that we are capable of. Go crush this day! You are awesome! You are strong! You are enough! You've got this! 😘

Chipotle to the rescue for dinner! Also, who knew Wal-Mart would save the day?! Little did we know we needed to create THREE photo albums TODAY! After searching many places who need 3-5 days, they got it done 👍💪👏
I think I need to work out again with all of this energy from our random day 😳😳 #ilovechipotle #walmartsavedtheday #toomuchexcitement #beabadass

My goofy little sidekick is currently sleeping in his bed without a pull-up on. I might regret this decision in the morning. But those things are just so darn expensive 💸💸💸 #reedharrison #thisis2

Day .2️⃣5️⃣1️⃣.♻️6.22.17♻️

True confessions here...today has been tough. I didn't plan my meals this week. I have been busy with lots going on. I am tired. And because of all of that my eating has been less than stellar. I'm not happy with myself. In the past I would totally throw in the towel and eat all the ice cream. But thanks to an amazing support system in my challenge group I'm going to chuck it in the bucket and move on! I didn't come this far to only come this far. Bring it on Friday!

You know it was a good workout when...
1. You're dripping with sweat
2. Your legs are even sweating
3. You have sweat frizz
4. You can't stop sweating
5. The sweat is dripping into your eyes
Oh did I mention that I sweat a little bit during my short little workout today?! I never thought I would come to love sweating so much, but I think for me it's starting to represent pushing through my comfort zone and that feels (really hard but also) REALLY GOOD!!

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